Suomen Talvisota 1939–1940

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Suomen Talvisota 1939–1940 was a provocative Finnish rock band in the years 1969 and 1970. Their only album is called Underground-Rock. Lyrics for the band were provided under pseudonyms by M.A. Numminen and the Turku poets Markku Into (under the pseudonym Taannehtiva Seuralainen) and Jarkko Laine (under the pseudonym Lauri Kenttä, a reference to Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent). The name of the band literally means "The Finnish Winter War 1939-1940".


  • M.A. Numminen (under the pseudonyms Oriveden kenkätehdas, E. Väline, Ruotsin Kuningas, La Kamarado)
  • Rauli Somerjoki (under the pseudonyms G.A. Johanssonin Perikunta, V. Esine)
  • Pentti Aho
  • Arto Koskinen
  • Heikki Kasari
  • Rauli "Pole" Ojanen (under the pseudonym Erik af Venusberg)
  • Timo Aarniala (a visual artist)

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Albums discography[edit]

  • Underground-Rock (1970)

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