Swan River (electoral district)

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Swan River
Manitoba electoral district
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
Rick Wowchuk
Progressive Conservative
District created 1903
First contested 1903
Last contested 2016

Swan River is a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was created in 1903, in what was then the northwestern corner of the province. Manitoba's borders expanded significantly in 1912, and Swan River is now located in the centre of the province, close to its western border with Saskatchewan. The division has seen several redistributions.

The riding is bordered to the north by The Pas, to the south by Dauphin-Roblin, to the east by Lake Winnipeg and to the west by the province of Saskatchewan. Lake Winnipegosis runs through the riding.

The community of Swan River is located in the riding's southwest corner. Other communities in the riding include Birch River, Ethelbert, Minitonas, Camperville and Winnipegosis.

The riding's population in 1996 was 19,639. In 1999, the average family income was $35,209, and the unemployment rate was 10.70%. Twenty-eight per cent of the riding's residents are listed as low income, and over 25% of the population has less than a Grade Nine education (the third-highest rate in the province).

Thirty-six per cent of the riding's residents are aboriginal, and 10% are Ukrainian. Agriculture accounts for 22% of Swan River's economy, followed by the health and service sector at 12%.

Swan River's political identity has undergone a significant change in recent years. It was represented by the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba continuously for all but one term from 1932 to 1988, and was generally regarded as safe for the party during this period. The current MLA is Rick Wowchuk, who was elected in 2016, returning the seat to the Tories.

List of provincial representatives[edit]

This riding has elected the following MLAs:

Parliament Years Member Party
8th 1903–1907     James Robson Conservative
9th 1907–1910
10th 1910–1914     Daniel D. McDonald Liberal
11th 1914–1915     William Sims Liberal
12th 1915–1920
13th 1920–1922     Robert Emmond Farmer
14th 1922–1927     Progressive
15th 1927–1932     Andrew McCleary Progressive
16th 1932–1936     George Renouf Progressive Conservative
17th 1936–1941
18th 1941–1945
19th 1945–1949
20th 1949–1953
21st 1953–1958
22nd 1958–1959     Albert Corbett Progressive Conservative
23rd 1959–1962
24th 1962–1966     James Bilton Progressive Conservative
25th 1966–1969
26th 1969–1973
27th 1973–1977
28th 1977–1981     Douglas Gourlay Progressive Conservative
29th 1981–1986
30th 1986–1988     Len Harapiak New Democratic Party
31st 1988–1990     Parker Burrell Progressive Conservative
32nd 1990–1993     Rosann Wowchuk New Democratic Party
33rd 1995–1999
34th 1999–2003
35th 2003–2007
36th 2007-2011
37th 2011–2016     Ron Kostyshyn New Democratic Party
38th 2016–present     Rick Wowchuk Progressive Conservative

Electoral results[edit]

Manitoba general election, 2016
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Progressive Conservative Rick Wowchuk 4,081 56.2% +15.82
New Democratic Ron Kostyshyn 2,408 33.1% -23.05
Liberal Shayne Lynxleg 483 6.6% +3.14
Green Dan Soprovich 296 4.1%
Total valid votes 7,268 100.0  
Eligible voters
Source: Elections Manitoba[1]
Manitoba general election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % Expenditures
New Democratic Ron Kostyshyn 4,280 56.15 $34,323.01
     Progressive Conservative Dave Powell 3,078 40.38 $21,167.11
Liberal Reynold Cook 264 3.46 $284.81
Total valid votes 7,622 100.00
Rejected and declined ballots 46 0.60
Turnout 7,668 59.66
Electors on the lists 12,853

Manitoba general election, 2007
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
New Democratic Rosann Wowchuk 4,522 58.18 unavailable
     Progressive Conservative Maxine Plesiuk 2,915 37.51 unavailable
Liberal Niomi Spence-Pranteau 306 3.93 unavailable
Total valid votes 7,743 99.63
Rejected and declined ballots 29
Turnout 7,772 65.12
Electors on the lists 11,919


Swan River 2003:[3]

  • (x)Rosann Wowchuk (NDP) 4701
  • Jason Shaw (PC) 2223
  • Russell McKay (L) 538

Manitoba general election, 1999
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
New Democratic Rosann Wowchuk 4,931 54.84 $28,531.00
     Progressive Conservative Maxine Plesiuk 3,482 38.72 $28,983.00
     Manitoba Wayne Klekta 558 6.21 $1,723.80
Total valid votes 8,971 99.77
Rejected and declined ballots 21
Turnout 8,992 70.94
Electors on the lists 12,676


Previous boundaries[edit]

The 1998-2011 boundaries for the Swan River highlighted in red


Coordinates: 52°48′07″N 100°13′41″W / 52.802°N 100.228°W / 52.802; -100.228