Swedish Ice Hockey Association

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Swedish Ice Hockey Association logo.svg
Association name Swedish Ice Hockey Association
IIHF membership March 23, 1912
President Christer Englund
IIHF men's ranking 3
IIHF women's ranking 5

The Swedish Ice Hockey Association (SIHA) or Svenska Ishockeyförbundet in Swedish, is an association of Swedish sports clubs with ice hockey activities.

SIHA was originally part of the Swedish Football Association but became an association of its own on November 17, 1922. In 1920, the SIHA became a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Apart from hockey, inline hockey is the province of the SIHA as well.

The association's general secretary currently is Christer Englund.

Leagues and levels[edit]

In Sweden ice hockey is played nationwide in the following levels:

National teams[edit]

Sweden has seven national ice hockey teams:


Following persons have been chairmen.[1]


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