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SB League
SB League logo.png
Founded1931; 87 years ago (1931)
First season1931–32
Country  Switzerland
ConfederationFIBA Europe
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toLNB
Domestic cup(s)Swiss Cup
International cup(s)FIBA Champions League
FIBA Europe Cup
Current championsFribourg Olympic (17th title)
Most championshipsFribourg Olympic (17 titles)
2017–18 Swiss Basketball League

The Swiss Basketball League, also known as SB League or SBL, is the top-tier professional club basketball league in Switzerland. It is organized by Swiss Basketball. The winners of the SBL are crowned Swiss national basketball champions. Currently, twelve teams compete in the league. Historically, Fribourg Olympic is the league's most successful team, as it has won a record 16 championships. Until 2017, the league was known as the Championnat LNA.

Promotion and relegation[edit]

The national professional club basketball competition of Switzerland is divided into two separate league levels, the top-tier level SBL, and the 2nd-tier level LNB, with a system of promotion and relegation between the two league levels.


All teams play two times against each other for completing 22 games per team.

The six first qualified teams will join the group for places 1 to 6 while the other six teams will play the group for places 7 to 12. These two groups will be played with a one-legged round-robin format, where all teams from group 1 to 6 and the two first qualified teams from the group for the seventh position will be qualified for the playoffs. In this intermediate stage, teams start with the points accumulated by the winnings achieved in the first stage.

The quarterfinals and the semifinals will be played as a best-of-five series while the final in a best-of-seven series.[1]

Current teams[edit]

Team Location
SAM Basket Massagno Massagno
Boncourt Boncourt
Fribourg Olympic Fribourg
Lions de Genève Geneva
Lugano Tigers Lugano
Monthey Monthey
Pully Pully
Starwings Regio Basel Basel
Swiss Central Basket Lucerne
Union Neuchâtel Neuchâtel
Vevey Riviera Vevey
Winterthur Winterthur

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