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Delaware Corporation
IndustryBlockchain technology
FounderMark Smith, Adam Krellenstein, Evan Wagner, Robby Dermody
BrandsSmart Security, Smart Securities[1], Assembly[2]

Symbiont is a blockchain technology company based in New York City, developing products in smart contracts and distributed ledgers for use in capital markets.[3][4] The Symbiont blockchain platform, Assembly, is designed to securely distributes data across a network of computers owned and controlled by different financial institutions.[2] Symbiont's partnership with The Vanguard Group has yielded the first production integration of blockchain technology by a major financial institution into one of their core systems.[2] Three of the founders of Symbiont are also founders of Counterparty.[5] Symbiont has 75 employees as of June 2019.[2] Founder Mark Smith is the CEO.[6]

Notable early investors in Symbiont include Duncan Niederauer, former CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, and former co-head of Citadel Matt Andresen.[7] Symbiont has raised US$ 35.4 million in total funding,[8] following a US$ 20 million Series B round led by Nasdaq Ventures and followed by Citigroup, Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. and Raptor Group Holdings, which is backed by James Pallotta.[6]

Products and customers[edit]

Symbiont’s blockchain products can manage the entire life cycle of a variety of financial instruments, including mortgages, private equity, syndicated loans and market data;[2] as of 2016, Symbiont is working with the State of Delaware on its Delaware Blockchain Initiative.[9]

In 2016, Symbiont embarked upon a pilot programme to apply blockchain technology to the US$ 4.7 trillion global syndicated loan market.[10][11]

In December of 2017, Vanguard announced a pilot programme with Symbiont to build a product for managing market index data on its blockchain platform.[12] Vanguard is currently using Symbiont blockchain technology in production to help manage US$ 1.4 trillion dollars of index funds, for some of its largest and most widely used financial products, in "one of the most noteworthy implementations of blockchain technology for a financial institution to date". In this deployment, Symbiont's technology eliminates manual reconciliation between Vanguard and the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), who publishes data to the blockchain network. For Vanguard's funds that use CRSP data, held in millions of customer accounts, this blockchain system has completely replaced the manual data distribution that preceded it.[2]


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