Syrian National Symphony Orchestra

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Syrian National Symphony Orchestra
الفرقة السيمفونية الوطنية السورية
Formation 1993
Type Symphony orchestra
Headquarters Damascus Opera House
Missak Baghboudarian
Parent organization
General Association of Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts

The Syrian National Symphony Orchestra (Arabic: الفرقة السيمفونية الوطنية السورية‎, al-firqah as-sīmfūniyyah al-waṭaniyyah as-sūriyyah) is the national symphony orchestra of Syria. It was founded by Sulhi al-Wadi, who was also its first conductor, and gave its first public concert in 1993. On 4 September 1998 it gave its first concert in the United States, at the Orange County Performing Arts Center.[1] The orchestra has a permanent home in the Damascus Opera House.[2] The conductor is Missak Baghboudarian.[3]

The repertoire includes both Western classical music and Arab classical music.[4] A concert by the orchestra on 3 February 2009 raised $110,000 for an UNRWA campaign for the children of Gaza.[5]


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