Szczecin-Dąbie Airstrip

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A Deutsche Luft Hansa Albatros L 73 at Stettin Airfield in 1927; second from left the Stockholm Municipal commissioner Yngve Larsson.

Szczecin-Dąbie Airstrip (German: Flughafen am Dammschen See) is a small airstrip on the Eastern bank of the Oder river in Dąbie, Szczecin, Poland. The original grass landing strip was built in 1921 as Stettin Airfield (at that time belonging to Germany) and was used for domestic flights of Deutsche Luft Hansa over the following years. After World War II, LOT began serving the airfield, which remained the only one in Szczecin until 23 May 1967, when Szczecin-Goleniów Airport was opened.

Coordinates: 53°23′28″N 14°38′01″E / 53.39111°N 14.63361°E / 53.39111; 14.63361