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Tériade is the nom de plume of Stratis (or Efstratios) Eleftheriades (Greek: Στρατής Ελευθεριάδης; 2 May 1889 – 23 October 1983), a native of Mytilene who went to Paris in 1915 at the age of eighteen to study law, but who instead became an art critic, patron, and, most significantly, a publisher.[1]

From 1937 to 1975 he commissioned various individuals of the pinnacle artists and philosophers such as Picasso, Matisse, René Daumal in the first half of the century to produce series of works for his legendary quarterly journal Verve (1937-1960) or the later Grands Livres.

Tériade died in 1983 in Paris. There is a Tériade Museum, which opened in 1979 in the southern Mytilene suburb of Variá (Βαρειά); the books are displayed in sixteen rooms over two floors of the specially built museum.

In France, there is a donation of Tériade at the Departmental Museum of Le Cateau-Cambrésis.[2]


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