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3-inch Gun Motor Carriage T40 (M9)

The 3" Gun Motor Carriage T40, later given the production model number M9 was a US tank destroyer (a self-propelled gun designed for fighting tanks), of the early part of World War II. It used a 3-inch gun on an M3 hull.


The T40 was the T24 prototype rebuilt by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1941 on the M3 Lee chassis. The Japanese declaration of war against the US caused the US Army, in need of a tank destroyer, to issue a 1,000 vehicle production license under the designation M9 in December, 1941. However, the project was terminated in August 1942. As well as doubts in the Ordnance Board about the design, the Tank Destroyer Board felt that the vehicle was too slow and there were only about 30 M1918 guns available to produce the vehicle.[1]

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