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Tabariji or Tabarija (1521–1542) was the Sultan of the Sultanate of Ternate, which also included Amboina and other islands beginning in 1532.

Tabariji was the son of Sultan Abulais and his first and primary wife, Nycili Boki Raja. Nycili was the daughter of the king of Tidore and inherited that realm from her father on his death in 1526. Tabariji was placed on the throne by his stepfather, Pati Serang, who then acted as regent, he was deposed in favor of another brother in 1534 and exiled to Goa. In Goa he converted to Catholic Christianity and took as his baptismal name Dom Manuel.

He was forbidden to return to Ternate for many years, but shortly before his death was allowed to come back. In his will he gave his domain to the King of Portugal.