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Woodchester Park SSSI

Woodchester Park is a 214.9-hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Gloucestershire, notified in 1966. The site is in a sheltered valley in the Cotswold escarpment near Nailsworth, it clays. As a consequence it supports a diversity of wildlife and habitat associated with the woodland and wetland within this valley; the site is woodland and managed for timber production. There are remnants of the original semi-natural woodland. There are nationally restricted plants which include fingered sedge, angular Solomon's seal, stinking hellebore and lily-of-the-valley. Notably, the park and mansion support a important breeding colony of greater horseshoe bats, which feed in the cattle pasture adjacent to the mansion, rich in insect life. A long-term study of the bat colony continues today; the valley is of outstanding invertebrate interest for butterflies, moths and some rare snails. There is abundant breeding birds include sparrowhawk, green woodpecker and tawny owl; the lakes on the site are used by overwintering wildfowl, breeding species such as little grebe and mallard.

There are colonies of the yellow-necked mouse.. Additionally, Woodchester Park is notable as the site of the Animal and Plant Health Agency long term study into the epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis in badgers.. Woodchester Park official web site Natural England Woodchester Greater Horseshoe Bat Project

List of provincial roads in Istanbul Province

Provincial roads in Istanbul Province are maintained by KGM. Provincial road 35-12, named the O1-O2 connector is a 6.9 km long motorway in Turkey. The motorway is a connector route linking the motorway O-1 to the motorway O-2, where it becomes the O-4; the route is one of two motorways linking the two beltways on the Asian side of the city, the other being the Şile Motorway. Provincial road 34-27, named the Samadıra–Kartal connector, is a 9.9-kilometre-long highway that connects the motorway O-4 to the state highway D.100 in Istanbul, Turkey. A provincial road is governed under the responsibility of the respective Turkish provincial government, bears the license plate number of that province in the road identification number's first half, it is one of the three connectors between the two roads in the Istanbul metropolitan area. The route begins at exit K2 on the O-4 and heads south through two large parks, the Kayışdağı and Aydos forests, until reaching Kartal and connecting to the D.100. After the interchange, the connector becomes Sanayi Cad. and continues as a surface street.

The connector was built in 1991

Archduke Sigismund, Grand Duke of Tuscany

Archduke Sigismund of Austria, Grand Duke of Tuscany is the current head of the Tuscan branch of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine and current claimant to the title Grand Duke of Tuscany. Sigismund was born in Lausanne the son of Archduke Leopold Franz and his first wife Princess Laetitia d'Arenberg, born Laetitia de Belzunce. Sigismund has worked as a banker. In 1993 Sigismund's father Leopold Franz renounced his rights as Head of the Grand Ducal Family of Tuscany in favour of Sigismund because his second marriage conflicted with the laws of the Roman Catholic Order of Saint Stephen, of which he was head. Since Sigismund has been the head of the grand ducal house of Tuscany. Sigismund is Grand Master of the Order of Saint Joseph and the Order of Saint Stephen, the two orders of knighthood of the Grand Ducal House of Tuscany, he has a served as a patron for the Almanach de Gotha. Sigismund was raised in Switzerland by his mother and father, his maternal family are said to possess businesses in Uruguay.

In 1999, Sigismund married Elyssa Edmonstone, the only daughter of Sir Archibald Bruce Edmonstone, of Duntreath, 7th Baronet by his second wife Juliet Elizabeth Deakin. Archduchess Elyssa is a great-great-granddaughter of Marshall Field and a third cousin of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; the Edmonstone family is an old Scottish family, raised to a baronetcy in 1774. Through this family connection and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are third cousins; the couple are divorced since 25 June 2013, with annulment in 2016. The couple have three children: Archduke Leopold Amadeo, Grand Prince of Tuscany, heir apparent to the headship of the House of Tuscany Archduchess Tatyana of Austria, Princess of Tuscany Archduke Maximilian of Austria, Prince of Tuscany Sigismund lives with his family in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2017, the renunciation of French citizenship was recorded for him and his children. Grand Ducal House of Tuscany

Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas

Vincas Mykolaitis, known by his pen name Putinas, was a Lithuanian poet and writer. He was a priest, but renounced his priesthood in 1935. In 1909, Mykolaitis enrolled to the Seinai Priest Seminary, after few years he published his first poem. In 1915 he was ordained as a priest, however he questioned his mission as a priest, he continued studies at the Saint Petersburg Roman Catholic Theological Academy. In St. Petersburg, Mykolaitis published his first collection of poems in 1917. After St. Petersburg, Mykolaitis continued his studies at the University of Fribourg and received doctoral degree in 1922. After studies in western Europe Mykolaitis settled in Lithuania, teaching at the University of Lithuania. During his stay in France, Mykolaitis started to work on his most famous novel — Altorių šešėly; the 3-part novel was published in 1933 and caused a scandal in Lithuania as it described a priest doubting and renouncing his calling. In 1935 Mykolaitis renounced his priesthood. In 1940 he started to work at Vilnius University, there he became professor.

Mykolaitis was buried in Rasos Cemetery, Vilnius. Among other notable works of Mykolaitis were novel Sukilėliai, Tarp dviejų aušrų and others. Lithuanian Classical Literature Anthology. Biography. Retrieved on 2007-09-22 Lithuanian Classical Literature Anthology. Major works. Retrieved on 2007-09-22 Lithuanian Classical Literature Anthology. Altorių šešėly text. Retrieved on 2007-09-22

2019 Las PiƱas local elections

Local elections were held in Las Piñas on Monday, May 13, 2019, as a part of the 2019 Philippine general election. Voters elected candidates for the local elective posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, the congressman, the councilors, six of them in the two districts of the city. There are a total of 208,736 people. Incumbent mayor Imelda Aguilar is seeking her second term. Incumbent vice mayor Louie Bustamante is term-limited and is running for City Councilor for the 2nd District, his party nominated daughter of the incumbent Mayor. In August 2016, a few months after his re-election, Representative Mark Villar was appointed Secretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways, while his wife Emmeline Aglipay-Villar was designated as interim representative, his sister, Camille Villar, is running for the Lower House