Tadanoumi Station

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Tadanoumi Station
View from overpass

Tadanoumi Station (忠海駅, Tadanoumi-eki) is a railway station in Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.



It is an aboveground train station with a side platform. IC cards and the like can be used, processed by a card reader.

It is a kan'i itaku station managed by the Mihara Regional Railway Department and an NPO corporation "Welfare Station Tadanoumi".[1] Tickets were sold with a POS terminal until 2003, when a green window was set up at the outsourcing station, and tickets were sold with MARS.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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JR West
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Akisaizaki - Akinagahama

Coordinates: 34°20′12″N 132°59′29″E / 34.33672392°N 132.9914175°E / 34.33672392; 132.9914175

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