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I'm not clear why the word "unlikely" was added in "fearing the unlikely nationalization of his television stations." Can you elaborate? In the meantime I'm reverting the edit as it feels like a politically biased statement. Jkeiser 07:22, 30 April 2006 (UTC)

I notice the word "democratic" was added to the article to describe Chavez' consolidation of power. I'm not familiar enough with the situation to know if that's NPOV could someone better informed take a look? [[1]] Sumergocognito 03:49, 12 May 2006 (UTC)
Yeah, the edits leave a lot to be desired. They do not talk about Cisneros' opposition to Chavez except to say that it has been lessened, it also loses information about the Free Trade of the Americas stuff. I don't really know about the democratic consolidation of power thing. Jkeiser 07:44, 20 May 2006 (UTC)
In order to fulfill with Wikipedia requirements, I have added two citations to support the information of the page. Regards--Therese Holms 16:18, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

No marketing value, try real issues.[edit]

In the current article, Gustavo Cisneros as a person has absolutely no historic value. No patents, no science except support, no major significant earthshaking projects that will or would change humanity, as it currently stands, a high level fringe economic actor in changing monopolistic times. If you extend the observation point into time and space there is little to nothing noteworthy that will extend and be maintained into the future except as one of many players behind a curtain. You can expand on his wifes foundation, the economic trials with polar and colombia, narcotraffico S.A. (Before the laws changed, before that time it wasn´t illegal or problematic). His political influence in historical law-making in the region, his relation with the Mendoza family (Polar). Most of what would be interesting would most likely not come to light, if ever, untill he and his offspring become historical figures and seize to exist as an economic and political group. Links to any biografies or autobiografies, especially the situation during world war II, the cold war and his families relationship to those events. Politics, innuendo´s, economics, spy thrillers. What he does in his own bedroom, including any alleged husband and wife swapping, would only be of interest for current economic issues by people that most wouldn´t want to meet. Take into consideration that they have a large security department and his and his families travels imply national security issues and interests, after all, they personally know most of the big, bigger, and biggest players in this sector of the jungle, including Presidents. In certain sectors his name is used to scare children and is somewhat equivalent to the monsters in the closet and under a bed. Somewhat equivalent to a grue in the dark, the manner that he manages his company, the fallout between family members, his son Diego, running the regional beer factory, the pepsi-coca bottling economic scandals. His tactics are known to at times be as foul as they can be and he has absolutely no scruples in leaving the general population hanging due his and his families own interests. You can expand on the name Cisneros and the multitude of other actors with a similar name used to confuse issues on a social, general population level, and link that to psychological innuendo´s, kidnapping attempts, bribery, extorcion, and any other issues related to known major capitalist, they are, after all, only and merely human. (Fractalhints (talk) 15:03, 6 January 2010 (UTC))