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Tancheng County (Chinese: 郯城县; pinyin: Tánchéng Xiàn) is a county under the administration of Linyi City, in Shandong Province, People's Republic of China.

Tancheng is located on the southern edge of Shandong Province and borders Jiangsu, it is about 90 kilometres (by road) south of Linyi City and 400 kilometres southeast of Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province. Tancheng is the “Hometown of Chinese Ginkgo” and “Hometown of Chinese Tamarix”.

The population in 2011 was 970,000, the land area of the county is about 1,306.58 square kilometres. It is a developing city in a rural area. Tancheng is famous for its ginkgo trees.[1]

Tancheng in the 17th century is the setting for Jonathan Spence's microhistory, The Death of Woman Wang.[2]

Notable people[edit]


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Coordinates: 34°39′03.60″N 118°13′19.20″E / 34.6510000°N 118.2220000°E / 34.6510000; 118.2220000