Tapantí National Park

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Tapantí National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Waterfall seen from the visitor observatory
Map showing the location of Tapantí National Park
Map showing the location of Tapantí National Park
Location within Costa Rica
Location Costa Rica
Nearest city Cartago
Coordinates 9°46′14″N 83°47′59″W / 9.77056°N 83.79972°W / 9.77056; -83.79972Coordinates: 9°46′14″N 83°47′59″W / 9.77056°N 83.79972°W / 9.77056; -83.79972
Area 58,323 hectares (583.23 km2)[1]
Established February 1, 1982[1]
Governing body National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC)

Tapantí National Park, sometimes called Orosí National Park, is a National Park in the Pacific La Amistad Conservation Area of Costa Rica located on the edge of the Talamanca Range, near Cartago. It protects forests to the north of Chirripó National Park, and also contains part of the Orosí River. The area known as Macizo de la Muerte was added to the park on January 14, 2000.[1]

The park covers 12,500 acres (5,058 ha) and two life zones—lower montane rainforest and pre-montane rainforest. These forests provide habitat for some 45 mammal species, including the Baird's tapir, kinkajou, white-faced capuchin monkey, paca, agouti, ocelet, and jaguarundi. The park's 400 bird species include sparrow hawks, resplendent quetzals, emerald toucanets, and violaceous trogons. There are 28 species of reptiles and amphibians, and a large insect population that includes the thysania agrippina, the largest moth on the American continent.[citation needed]

Three new species of Lepanthes orchids were discovered in the park in 2009 and is so far their only known habitat. All three species, L. graciosa, L. machogaffensis, and L. pelvis, are miniature orchids and neither is longer than 5 mm. They were discovered by a team from the Lankester Botanical Garden and the University of Costa Rica.[2]


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