Taranto–Brindisi railway

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Taranto–Brindisi railway
Platform of Tarant Station.JPG
Taranto railway station
Type Heavy rail
Status Operational
Locale Apulia, Italy
Termini Taranto railway station
Brindisi railway station
Stations 12
Opened 1886
Operator(s) Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Line length 70 km (43 mi)
Number of tracks Single track
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification Electrified at 3000 V DC
Route map
to Reggio Calabria
to Bari
0.000 Taranto
to Bari via Martina Franca
3.999 Nasisiopened 1916 [1]
12.977 Monteiasi-Montemesola
18.483 Grottaglie
24.265 Villa Castelli
from Martina Franca
33.464 Francavilla Fontana
to Lecce
38.989 Oria
47.409 Latiano
54.652 Mesagne
59.506 Brindisi Cittadella della Ricercaopened 2016 [2]
66.632 Brindisi Perrinoopened 2016 [2]
from Bari
69.169 Brindisi
to Lecce

The Taranto–Bridisi railway is an Italian 70-kilometer long railway line, connecting Taranto with Brindisi.

The line was opened in three stages in 1886, on January 6,1886 the section from Taranto to Latiano opened, then with effect from August 25, 1886 the line was further extended from Latiano to Mesagne, and finally on December 30, 1886 the final length from Mesagne to Brindisi came into use.


The line is used by the following service(s):

  • Night train (Intercity Notte) Milan - Ancona - Pescara - Foggia - Bari - Taranto - Brindisi - Lecce
  • Local services (Treno regionale) Taranto - Francavilla Fontana - Brindisi


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