Tasmanian state election, 1972

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Tasmanian state election, 1972

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All 35 seats to the House of Assembly

  First party Second party
  Eric Reece.jpg Angus Bethune.jpg
Leader Eric Reece Angus Bethune
Party Labor Liberal
Leader since 26 August 1958 19 March 1960
Leader's seat Braddon Wilmot
Last election 17 seats 17 seats
Seats won 21 seats 14 seats
Seat change Increase4 Decrease3
Percentage 54.93% 38.37%
Swing Increase7.25 Decrease5.61

Premier before election

Angus Bethune

Elected Premier

Eric Reece

The Tasmanian state election, 1972 was held on 22 April 1972 in the Australian state of Tasmania to elect 35 members of the Tasmanian House of Assembly. The election used the Hare-Clark proportional representation system[1] — seven members were elected from each of five electorates.

The one-term Liberal government of Premier Angus Bethune had collapsed following the withdrawal of support by Kevin Lyons. The opposition Labor Party, led by Eric Reece, gained a clear majority and won the election.


The 1969 election had resulted in a hung parliament, with the deadlock broken when Kevin Lyons of the Centre Party formed a coalition government with Angus Bethune's Liberal Party. On 15 March 1972, Lyons resigned as Deputy Premier and effectively dissolved the Liberal-Centre coalition.[2] The resulting instability triggered an election.

The 1972 election was also notable due to the emergence and candidacy of the United Tasmania Group, the world's first Green party, formed to campaign against the proposed damming of Lake Pedder.[3]


The Liberals lost three seats, giving Labor a clear majority. Eric Reece was sworn in as Premier of Tasmania for a second time on 3 May 1972. Eric Reece also received the highest personal vote ever in Braddon, gaining 14,790 votes, or 35.4% of the vote.

The United Tasmania Group gained a respectable 3.9% of the vote, failing to gain a seat in the parliament and to stop the damming of Lake Pedder, but their efforts paved the way for the Tasmanian Greens to become a significant force in Tasmanian politics.

Tasmanian state election, 22 April 1972
House of Assembly
<< 19691976 >>

Enrolled voters 216,846
Votes cast 205,803 Turnout 94.91 +0.47
Informal votes 7,533 Informal 3.66 –1.00
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes % Swing Seats Change
  Labor 108,910 54.93 +7.25 21 + 4
  Liberal 76,073 38.37 –5.61 14 – 3
  United Tasmania Group 7,741 3.90 +3.90 0 ± 0
  Independent 5,546 2.80 +0.49 0 ± 0
  Other –6.03 – 1
Total 198,270     35  

Distribution of Seats[edit]

Electorate Seats won

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