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Telecom Telecommunication Tower Heidelberg is a 102 meter tall (originally 80m, raised to 102m in the 80s) telecommunication tower built of reinforced concrete in the late 1950s at 49°24′10″N 8°43′51″E / 49.40278°N 8.73083°E / 49.40278; 8.73083 on the mountain Königsstuhl near Heidelberg, Germany. Close to it, there is Fernsehturm Heidelberg and Telecommunication Tower of US-Forces Heidelberg. Like the other two towers this structure was converted from steel beams to reinforced concrete.

Only three analog FM radio channels are transmitted from here right now, its main use is microwave communications for the Deutsche Telekom also known as T-COM (t-home/t-mobile).

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