Telephone numbers in Ascension Island

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Country Code: +247
International Call Prefix: 00

Ascension Island does not share the same country code (+290) with the rest of St Helena.

Calling formats[edit]

To call in Ascension Island, the following format is used:

yxxx Calls inside Ascension Island

+247 yxxx Calls from outside Ascension Island

Ascension Island numbering plan[edit]

Numbering format[1]
Format of subscriber number Area Remarks
10XX - 19XX Georgetown Operator Services
50XX - 59XX Special Services
60XX - 69XX Telephone Services
70XX - 79XX Spare
80XX - 89XX Special Services
90XX - 99XX Special Services
30XX - 35XX Travellers Hill Telephone Services
36XX - 39XX Spare
40XX - 43XX Two Boats Special Services
44XX - 46XX Telephone Services
47XX - 49XX Special Services
20XX - 29XX U.S. Base Telephone Services

Format for international dialling: +247 XXXX.

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