Telephone numbers in Guinea

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Guinea telephone numbers
Country Guinea
Continent Africa
Access codes
Country calling code +224
International call prefix 00

Calling formats[edit]

To call in Guinea, the following format is used:

xxx xxxx Calls within an area code

y xxx xxxx Calls inside Guinea in city centers

+224 y xxx xxxx Calls outside Guinea

List of area codes in Guinea[edit]

Area/City Area Code
Boké 3031
Boussoura 3046
Conakry 3041, 3043, 3045, 3047
Dalaba 3069
Faranah 3081
Fria 3024
Guéckédou 3097
Kamsar 3032
Kankan 3071
Kindia 3061
Kissidougou 3098
Labé 3051
Macenta 3094
Mamou Kagoma 3068
N'Zérékoré 3091
Pita 3053
Sangoya 3042
Télimélé 30613

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