Telephone numbers in Oman

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Oman telephone numbers
Country Oman
Continent Asia
NSN length 8
Access codes
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix none

Telephone numbers in the Sultanate of Oman have NSN length of 8 digits.

Format: +968 26840297

Major Telecom operators are Omantel, Oreedoo, Renna & Friendy


NDC (National Destination Code)
or leading 4 number
Additional information
91XXXXX 7 Mobile service Omantel & Ooredoo
90XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Omantel
91XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Omantel
92XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Omantel
93XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Omantel
94XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Ooredoo
95XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Ooredoo
96XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Ooredoo
97XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Ooredoo
98XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Friendy
99XXXXXX 8 Mobile service Omantel

Note: Number portability between mobile operators is possible

22XXXXXX 8 Fixed service Ooredoo
23XXXXXX 8 Fixed service – (Omantel) Dhofar & Al Wusta
24XXXXXX 8 Fixed service – (Omantel) Muscat
25XXXXXX 8 Fixed service – (Omantel) A’Dakhliyah, Al Sharqiya & A’Dhahira
26XXXXXX 8 Fixed service – (Omantel) Al Batinah & Musandam