Telephone numbers in Rwanda

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Rwanda telephone numbers
Country Rwanda
Continent Africa
Access codes
Country calling code +250
International call prefix 000
Trunk prefix none

Calling formats[edit]

The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency introduced a new telephone numbering plan in February 2009.

To call within Rwanda, the following format is now used:

  • 250 5XX XXX Land-line Calls (formerly 5XX XXX)
  • 255 5XX XXX Land-line Calls (formerly 5XX XXX)
  • 783 XXX XXX Mobile Calls (formerly 03 XXX XXX)
  • 788 XXX XXX Mobile Calls (formerly 08 XXX XXX)
  • 75X XXX XXX Mobile Calls (CDMA)

List of allocations in Rwanda[edit]

NDC (National Destination Code)
or leading digits of
NSN (National Significant Number NSN
Number length Usage of E.164 Number Additional Information
25 9 Geographic, fixed Rwandatel
72 9 Non-geographic, mobile TIGO Rwanda
73 9 Non-geographic, mobile Airtel Rwanda
78 9 Non-geographic, mobile MTN Rwanda
06 8 Non-geographic, satellite Rwanda Satellite

The leading zero must be dialled from abroad.