Telephone numbers in the German Democratic Republic

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German Democratic Republic telephone numbers
Country German Democratic Republic
Continent Europe
Type Open
NSN length 8
Typical format 02-xxx xxxx (Berlin)
0xx-xx xxxx
Access codes
Country calling code +37
International call prefix 06
Trunk prefix 0

Before German reunification, West Germany (including West Berlin) used country code +49 and East Germany used country code +37, each with its separate area codes and telephone networks.

On 1 June 1992, all area codes were brought under the +49 code. Berlin's had already been brought under the 030 area code on 15 April. All area codes (except Berlin's) had a 3 inserted into the code (e.g. Erfurt's former 061 area code became 0361). Sometimes, the code would be changed entirely.

The +37 code was then freed up to be used by many of the newly independent states which were created following the collapse of the Soviet Union, which had previously used that country's +7 code (e.g. Lithuania took on the code +370). Some microstates which had previously used the networks of the countries surrounding them also took on +37x codes.

Area codes[edit]

  • Berlin - 02
  • Potsdam - 033
  • Leipzig - 041
  • Dresden - 051
  • Erfurt - 061
  • Schwerin - 084
  • Magdeburg - 091