Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

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Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
Tell Me Your Wish album.jpg
EP by Girls' Generation
Released June 29, 2009 (2009-06-29)
Recorded February–June 2009
Studio SM Studios
(Seoul, South Korea)
Length 21:52
Language Korean
Label S.M. Entertainment
Girls' Generation chronology
Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
Singles from Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
  1. "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)"
    Released: June 22, 2009[1]

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) (Hangul소원을 말해봐 (Genie); RRSowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie))[2][3] is the second extended play by Girls' Generation. The EP was released on June 29, 2009 by S.M. Entertainment. Composers Yoo Young-jin, Kenzie, Hwang Seong-Je, Kim Jin-Hwan, joined the production of the EP.[4]

Girls’ Generation started their official promotions on Music Bank, on June 26, 2009, ending their promotions on August 15.[4]


The EP was released on June 29, 2009. Their first win for their single "Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie)" was obtained at the July 10, 2009 episode of KBS Music Bank. Their second award was claimed at the July 12, 2009 episode of SBS Inkigayo. The group finished promotions for "Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie)" in August 2009.[citation needed] The music video was released a little later and features the group members dancing on top a building in Navy uniforms.

Commercial performance[edit]

The album sold an estimated 50,000 copies in its first week after released (almost double the numbers from the first-week sales of Gee), an unusual feat for any Korean girl group. The albums went to sell over 200,000 as of 2010.[5]


In late June, S.M. Entertainment announced that Girls' Generation would be making a comeback with a new single and showing a "Marine Girl" concept; Sowoneul Malhaebwa was then released digitally on June 22, 2009.[6][7] The group's first performance for the album was on June 26 on KBS Music Bank.[8] The song was rewarded as the most popular album and ringtone downloads.[9]


This album contains a total of six songs including the lead single of the same title. The only single off the album, "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" is an electronica-style pop song influenced by the European dance genre, featuring a heavily synthesized intro. The song was originally composed in English as "I Just Wanna Dance" after which it was retitled when Korean lyrics were composed by Yoo Young-jin.[10] The lyric's theme is exposed by the subtitle "Genie", which is the metaphorical symbol of "Goddesses of Luck (Korean: 행운의 여신). "Girlfriend" is a 1980s disco-style song while "Boyfriend" is a dance-pop song, bringing electro elements. "My Child" is with a piano-played intro in a gospel and classical style. "One Year Later" is a soft pop ballad duet sung by Jessica and Onew of Shinee.[4][11][12][13][14] The duet was also featured in MBC TV drama Pasta.


The physical release of Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) was delayed by SM Entertainment in order to redo the album art. Notable changes included removing the imagery of a World War II Imperial Japanese A6M Zero fighter and a slightly modified eagle insignia of the Nazi Party on the cover.[15] As a result, The EP was officially released 4 days later on June 29, 2009.[16]

Track listing[edit]

1."Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" (소원을 말해봐 (지니); Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Jini))Yoo Young-jinAnne Judith Stokke Wik, Robin Jenssen, Ronny Vidar Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic, Fridolin Nordsø, Yoo Young-jinYoo Han Jin3:50
2."Etude"Hwang Sung Je (BJJMusic), Yoo JeniHwang Sung Je (BJJMusic)Hwang Sung Je (BJJMusic)3:13
3."Girlfriend" (여자친구; Yeojachingu)Kim Jung BaeKenzieKenzie3:19
4."Boyfriend" (남자친구; Namjachingu)Kim Ji HooCarsten Lindberg, Joachim SvaresThe Great Danes and JoJo Bee3:50
5."My Child" (동화; Donghwa)Hwang Sung Je (BJJMusic), Yoo JeniHwang Sung Je (BJJMusic)Hwang Sung Je (BJJMusic)3:36
6."One Year Later" (1년 後; Jessica and Onew)Kim Jin HwanKim Jin HwanKim Jin Hwan4:01
Total length:21:52


Chart (2009) Peak
Taiwan (G-Music)[17] 8


Bout Year Date Award Title Notes
24th 2009 December 10 Golden Disk Awards Grand Prize in Digital Releasing [18]
Records of the Year
in Digital Releasing
Top 5 digital releases of the year[18]

Release history[edit]

Country Date Distributing label Format
South Korea
June 29, 2009
S.M. Entertainment
July 30, 2009
GMM Grammy
August 7, 2009
Avex Taiwan
October 2, 2009
Universal Records


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