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When nominating a category on WP:CFD, add this template to the main article's talk page to notify users of the category's nomination.


On the talk page add:

{{subst:Cfdnotice|category name|date=yyyy Month dd}}

If the CfD section name is different from the category name (e.g. when nominating several categories at once), add this:

{{subst:Cfdnotice|category name|date=yyyy Month dd|CfD section name}}


{{subst:Cfdnotice|Example category|date=2018 August 5}}

Will produce:

Also will add the article to Category:Categories for discussion notices.

See also[edit]

  • Template:Cfd-notify – template to notify the category's creator or a related WikiProject of the nomination.
  • Template:Cfdnotice2 – similar to both Template:Cfd-notify and Template:Cfdnotice but more generally worded. Could be placed on related article talk pages or user talk pages.