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This template is intended primarily for the Semiconductor articles. It is also used in three of the "powers of 10" articles as an easy way to compare semiconductor dimensions to other objects.


This template has no parameters. To add the template to an article, add:

{{Semiconductor manufacturing processes}}

at the appropriate location in the article. This will generally be at the top of the article.

Template contents, format, and purpose[edit]

  • This template is not intended as a location for content. It is a navigational aide that lets a reader go to the article that describes the listed process.
  • The template is intended to be right-aligned and vertically oriented in articles that include it, so we want it to be narrow. Please do not add extra information to the entries that will make the template wider. Instead, add such information to the articles.
  • If you wish to add an entry for an additional node, create the article first, even if it is a stub.
  • If you wish to add a new reference, add it to the article, not to this template.
  • If you disagree with these admonitions, please discuss your concerns at Template talk:Semiconductor manufacturing processes


The dates in this template should match the main date given in the associated article. We need to do this because putting references in the template is unreasonable, but any assertion of fact needs to be referenced somewhere. If the date in the article is incorrect, edit the article to use the correct date. Be sure you add references. After the article has been corrected, feel free to then correct the date in this template to match.