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Template documentation

This template displays a typical sidebar on an article page. Extra names can be added by using parameters addname=[[aa]], addname2=[[bb]], etc.

Usage:  {{Spanish colonization of the Americas}}
{{Spanish colonization of the Americas|addname=[[Joe Doe]]}}

The parameters addname=[[aa]], addname2=[[bb]], addname3=[[cc]] ... addname5=[[ee]] allow linking more names to display as additional names in the list of conquistadores. They can be specified by each article, as depending on relevance for each article's subject, although names appear at the bottom (not alphabetical), using an addname=<hr> can draw a ruler, instead of a name, to separate added names from the existing list. Double-brackets are needed for a link; otherwise, the text is just a note, such as: addname=(16th century).

For a horizontal version of this navigational box, use {{Spanish colonization of the Americas|footer=yes}}