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Proportions of the Valencian autonomous community Flag[edit]

After a quite extensive search throughtout the whole internet, I haven't been able to find any single source to state that this flag has 1:2 proportions. No laws, no estatutes, no decrees... nothing. I have to say, that I ALMOST couldn't find anything to state it is 2:3 either... Only the source I gave some weeks ago, and that "some users" didn't believe... BUT, then, I thought about where to adress to ask for a confirmed source. And what better choice than the Spanish Vexillological Society (the SEV, see [[1]]) which, BTW is a member of the Fédération internationale des associations vexillologiques. So, I believe this source to be the most trustworthy of all.
This said, I went to SEV site, [[2]], and found a "banderas" (flags) link on the left. Then, I clicked on the "Comunidades Autónomas" link, see [[3]], and then on the "Comunidad Valenciana/Comunitat Valenciana" one see [[4]], to get here: [[5]], where it clearly states a proportions of 2:3.
But, maybe this society simply had these same proportions for all spanish autonomous communities flags... WRONG! let's see some examples:
  1. CASTILLA Y LEÓN: proportions 76:99. See, [[6]]
  2. CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: proportions 1:2. See, [[7]]
  3. COMUNIDAD DE MADRID: proportions 7:11. See, [[8]]
  4. PAÍS VASCO/EUSKADI: proportions 14:25. See, [[9]]
Being ALL OTHERS of proportions 2:3.
I sincerely hope this FINALLY ends the fight about the proportions. I gave the most trustworthy source available, which NO ONE can doubt. --Maurice27 14:04, 6 April 2007 (UTC)