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This template was created as a result of a discussion at WP:CRIC. The discussion is shown below as it'll get archived from that page sooner rather than later! Blue Square Thing (talk) 11:04, 9 June 2016 (UTC)

Yearly English cricket season template(s)[edit]

After a minor kerfuffle or two, there's been a bit of a discussion at User talk:Racingmanager#Date templates on cricket season articles about the ways in which we use date nav box templates at the bottom of articles about English cricket seasons - and the ways in which the articles we have on cricket seasons relate to the County Championship articles we have as well. There are a couple of proposals I guess:

  • replace the nav box templates such as Template:English cricket seasons 1890 - 1918 with one auto collapsed template. At present we have two examples at User:Blue Square Thing/sandbox#English cricket seasons template, one of which starts from 1825 and one which goes all the way back to 1726. This would allow us to replace 8 nav templates with just the one - at the cost of it being a little thicker. By using auto collapse, however, any overhead on the page should be minimal. The benefit would be that it's possible to easily jump to anywhere along the timeline using the proposed versions. In terms of colour, the blue just happened to be the same colour as another template I have on that page just now.
I'd be interested in any thoughts on this - including the colour choice! Would people mind awfully replacing what we currently have?
  • the relationship between County Championship articles and the relevant English cricket season articles is patchy at best with relatively little cross-referencing. For example, the 1910 County Championship makes no reference to the 1910 English cricket season which makes just passing references to the former, including no wikilnks. This is not always the case - the 1900 English cricket season article contains a full Championship table and both Championship and FC leading stats, although there is no link to the 1900 County Championship article. I don't quite understand the logic of having articles which seem to compete. I've done some work on the 1909 English cricket season today to try to use the main article hat note to encourage some cross-fertilisation. I don't think it's done yet, but it's a start.
I'd be interested in thoughts on what I've done and if there are other ways forward. One idea to kick around (in the, now traditional, pre-match game of football...) is possibly redirecting Championship articles to the season articles where either the Championship article doesn't exist or, potentially, in every case if there's a feeling that we could get all the information we need in one article - certainly for seasons from a long time ago (although even in this millennium we have relatively little written on most seasons).

Sorry for dropping another long request for comments on here. It's motivated mostly be a desire to not annoy anyone by simple changing stuff too much! Blue Square Thing (talk) 17:02, 1 June 2016 (UTC)

Support. Repeating what I've written at the Racingmanager page, I think the BST template is excellent and should be introduced. I think we should merge all CC articles into the relevant English seasonal articles. This will have the added benefit of giving equal importance to the unofficial championships which were, after all, historically important. This is a really good initiative by User:Racingmanager who has spotted a flaw in our English cricket coverage. Jack | talk page 19:30, 2 June 2016 (UTC)