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Repeating names of Hasekis and Valides[edit]

I have discovered that the following Valide's names are being repeted in the Hasekis section: Nurbanu Sultan · Safiye Sultan · Kösem Sultan · Turhan Hatice Sultan · Saliha Dilaşub Sultan · Emetullah Rabia Gülnuş Sultan. Since these names are already listed as Valides, I propose the delition of these names from Haseki's list. It may be better to include some other mothers' names who were neither listed as valides nor hasekis. Please consider this issue again. (talk) 19:46, 15 May 2017 (UTC)

@ As I told you in a message that I had previously left on your talk page the names of all the consorts must NOT be listed here, as not all of them were influential figures like others who were legal wives, imperial consorts, or dowager queens. There's already another template (Template:Mothers of the Ottoman Sultans) which lists the names of all the biological mothers of the Ottoman emperors, so there's no need to add all those names here again. And yes, some of the valide sultans like Nurbanu and Safiye were both valide sultan and haseki sultan during certain periods of their lives, and their names should be added to both sections in order to make it clear that they enjoyed both the status of an imperial consort and of a dowager queen. Keivan.fTalk 06:45, 22 May 2017 (UTC)