Charlie Hare

Charles Boyd "Charlie" Hare was an English professional footballer who played in the Football League for Aston Villa, Woolwich Arsenal and Small Heath in the 1890s. An inside forward or centre forward, he represented Watford and Plymouth Argyle in the Southern League. Born in Ladywood, Hare played in the Football League in the 1890s for Aston Villa, contributing to their first league title in the 1893–94 season, he was transferred to Woolwich Arsenal in February 1895 and made his debut for the Second Division side on 9 March 1895 against Leicester Fosse, which ended as a 3–3 draw. In one-and-a-half seasons at the club he was in and out of the side playing at inside forward, although he deputised for Joe Powell at right back. With 20 appearances and 7 goals to his name for Woolwich Arsenal, in November 1896 he moved to Small Heath, he played for Watford in the Southern League, is joint holder of the club record for most FA Cup goals in a season, with seven in the 1899–1900 campaign. Hare served in South Africa during the Boer War.

On his return he tried to revive his career with Plymouth Argyle in the Southern League, but with little success, he left the professional game in 1904. He ran a hotel in Liskeard, before returning to Birmingham where he died in 1947. Aston Villa Football League First Division champions: 1893–94

Sunstorm (novel)

Sunstorm is a 2005 science fiction novel co-written by British writers Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter, it is the second book in the series A Time Odyssey. The books in this series are likened to the Space Odyssey series, although the Time Odyssey novels ostensibly deal with time where the Space Odyssey novels dealt with space; the first book in the series was Time's Eye. Sunstorm opens with the last chapter of Time's Eye as its initial chapter, Bisesa Dutt is in London, reunited with her daughter, it is 9 June 2037, the day after her helicopter was shot down in the North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan. The five years that she spent on Mir, an alternate Earth, are now only memories. In the meantime, a major solar event occurs on 9 June, disrupting all of the Earth's electronic hardware. Dramatic as it is, this phenomenon is only a minor precursor of a far more massive solar eruption about five years off. Scientific models of the projected 2042 event make clear that the Earth will be sterilised by the upcoming solar burst.

The effects will be so powerful as to endanger astronauts on Mars. Rather than sit by and allow the sun to just destroy all of Earth's life, political leaders, scientific leaders decide to embark upon an ambitious plan to shield Earth from the worst effects of the storm; the plot is further complicated when information from Bisesa's odyssey suggests that what is happening to the sun is not a random happening in nature, but is rather the result of events set in motion by an alien intelligence over three millennia ago. Known as the Firstborn—since they were the first alien race to reach sentience, thus are the most advanced civilization in existence in the universe—they are determined to stop lifeforms from across the galaxy from infiltrating the stars, where they would increase entropy with energy usage and eventual wars, thus hastening the Universe's eventual heat death. Just as in Time's Eye and Clarke pay small homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey with lines lifted from the earlier book; the first words of Athena, a sentient artificial intelligence in Sunstorm, are "Good morning, Colonel Tooke.

This is Athena. I am ready for my first lesson." This is similar to the statement spoken by HAL and addressed to Dr. Chandra during his regression in 2001: A Space Odyssey, implied to be HAL's first words. Additionally, in Sunstorm, Athena is talking to her partner in space, Colonel Bud Tooke, shortly before she is expected to lose consciousness. Athena says to Bud, "I have always had the greatest enthusiasm for the mission", echoing HAL's words to Dave Bowman on the Discovery. A character mentions that her daughter is working as a member of a team investigating a proposed space elevator. Space elevators play a major part in an earlier Clarke work The Fountains Of Paradise. A lunar base named Clavius appears in Time's Eye. Sunstorm title listing at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database