Tennis at the Far Eastern Championship Games

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Tennis was contested at the Far Eastern Championship Games. It was one of the main eight sports to feature on the programme. The following are the known results for the tennis event of the games.[1]


Games Year Host city Host country Singles champion Doubles champions
I 1913 (details) Manila Philippines  Leonardo Suarez (PHI)  Leonardo Suarez and Gil Fargas (PHI)
II 1915 (details) Shanghai China  Ichiya Kumagae (JPN)  Ichiya Kumagae and Kashio Seiichiro (JPN)
III 1917 (details) Tokyo Japan  Ichiya Kumagae (JPN)  Ichiya Kumagae and Hachishiro Mikami (JPN)
IV 1919 (details) Manila Philippines  Hachishiro Mikami (JPN)  Gil Fargas and Emiliano Bolaños (PHI)
V 1921 (details) Shanghai China  Gil Fargas (PHI)  Leonardo Suarez and Gil Fargas (PHI)
VI 1923 (details) Osaka Japan  Teizo Toba (JPN)  Abe and Kawasuma (JPN)
VII 1925 (details) Manila Philippines  Gavia (PHI)  Yoshida and Kobayashi (JPN)
VIII 1927 (details) Shanghai China  Khoo Hooi Hye (CHN)  Gordon Lum and Khoo Hooi Hye (CHN)[2]
IX 1930 (details) Tokyo Japan ? ?
X 1934 (details) Manila Philippines  Felicisimo Ampon (PHI) ?


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