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TAKRAF cranes in Rostock

TAKRAF is a global German industrial company based in Leipzig. TAKRAF is short for Tagebergbau-Ausrüstungen, Krane und Förderanlagen (surface mining equipment, cranes and conveying equipment). It is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and systems for open pit mining, bulk material handling, minerals processing and a wide range of services & components. The company is especially well known for its huge bucket-wheel excavators, semi-mobile crushing plants, innovative conveying solutions and heap leach systems.

The company was founded as a Kombinat in 1958 in the former German Democratic Republic, but it goes back to the year 1725, when the first factory for construction equipment was founded in Lauchhammer near Dresden. After Germany's reunification, TAKRAF became part of the MAN company and was later acquired by Tenova SpA, which is part of the international Techint group, in 2006.

Among their products are some of the largest mobile land-based objects on the planet, such as the bucket-wheel excavators RB293 and SRs 8000.

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