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Tepeyollotl, Codex Borgia.
Tepeyollotl in the Codex Telleriano-Remensis.

In Aztec mythology, Tepēyōllōtl Nahuatl pronunciation: [tepeːˈju˕ːɬːu˕ːtɬ] ("heart of the mountains"; also Tepeyollotli) was the god of earthquakes, echoes and jaguars. He is the god of the Eighth Hour of the Night, and is depicted as a jaguar leaping towards the sun. In the calendar, Tepeyollotl rules over both the third day, Calli (house), and the third trecena, 1-Mazatl (deer), he is the eighth Lord of the Night.[1]

The word is derived as a compound of the Nahuatl words tepētl ("mountain"), and yōllōtl ("heart" or "interior"). Tepeyollotl is usually depicted as cross-eyed holding the typical white staff with green feathers. Sometimes Tezcatlipoca wore Tepeyollotl for an animal skin or disguise to trick other gods into not knowing who he was.


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