Tereschenko Palace

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Tereschenko Palace

Tereschenko Palace is a palace, now a school, in Andrushivka, Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine.

It was built in 1871 by Artemy Tereshchenko, a sugar baron of the wealthy Tereshchenko family of entrepreneurs who owned the Andrushivka Sugar Factory. It is a brick palace set in a park, built in the style of French Renaissance Revival architecture.[1]

On 25 January 1919 a meeting was held here by the Volyn Revolutionary Committee, and in June 1920 in these walls housed the headquarters of the First Mounted Army.[1] On one of the palace's balconies, the Soviet Commander addressed citizens of Andrushivka in a memorable speech.[2]

It was renovated and extended in 1975 and a second floor built over the greenhouse.[1] The interior has the original marble stairs, and the remains of the ancient Greek style ornament on the wall.[1] There is also a preserved old desk used by Tereshchenko.[1] Near the palace there are outbuildings, stables and other buildings and to the rear of the palace is a great fountain of unknown origin.[1]


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Coordinates: 50°0′58″N 29°1′27″E / 50.01611°N 29.02417°E / 50.01611; 29.02417