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Terry Allen (12 September 1916 in Tecumseh, Oklahoma – October 1981) was an American male baritone during the Big Band era.[1]


In 1938, he joined Red Norvo's band,[2] doing the vocals on a number of Norvo's recordings, especially "I Get Along Without You Very Well," a big Norvo hit in 1939.[3] In 1939, he joined Larry Clinton's band and recorded a hit in 1940, "My Greatest Mistake." Allen moved to Claude Thornhill's in 1941, and to Will Bradley's in 1942.[2] Allen also, in 1942, sang with Hal McIntyre. In August 1944, after being honorably discharged from the United States Navy, Allen began performing with Johnny Long and His Orchestra at the New Yorker. In 1947, he recorded "Jade Green" (Edmund Anderson, words; David Broekman, music) and "Another Memory" (Atlantic 683) with the David Broekman (fr) Orchestra.


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