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Terry Lee Bradds (born February 21, 1946) is an American guitarist who was born in Jamestown, Ohio and attended Greeneview High School.


Bradds has been playing guitar since the age of five, he has performed with a wide variety of musicians and entertainers worldwide, including but not limited to: Martha Raye, Robert Popwell, Cal Collins, Boots Randolph, Sally Field, Joey Heatherton, Toni Tennille, Melissa Manchester, Jon Crosse, Dolly Parton, Harold Bradley, Anita Kerr Singers, Vincent Price, John Davidson, Peter Allen, Liza Minnelli and Lonnie Smith.[1] He was a member of the Hi-Landers and The ThreeO; the ThreeO was originally signed to Sun Records. He has played at clubs and venues such as the Copacabana, The Martinique, Gillys, The Blue Wisp Club, Playboy Club, Gaucho Room and The Kings Cellar as well as many churches and colleges across the country.[2][3] While with the Hi-Landers, was scheduled to be on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.HiLanders Album

Bradds has been on staff of several T.V. shows, written several commercials, and written original music.[4] His song "Jesus is the Rock" was the theme for the Ohio Teens for Christ.[5]

Bradds now resides in Florida, where he teaches advanced guitar studies at Florida Christian College and is a Minister of worship and Music,[6] he also frequently plays shows, recently playing an extended performance at SeaWorld in Kissimmee, Florida.[7]


Terry has been married since January 30, 1965 to Nancy Lee Liming, he has two children (Craig and Chris) and five grandchildren. He is a cousin of former American Basketball star Gary Bradds. Bradds plays a Gibson ES-175.

Partial discography[edit]

  • Need You: The Hi-Landers - (1964)
  • My Lifes Dreams: The ThreeO - (1968), - Clearhill Records
  • HymnProv: Solo
  • Smart Set: Stan Smart, Julie Smart
  • Day by Day: Solo
  • Sumner Sessions: Robert Popwell
  • Master Hands: Robert Popwell

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