Terwillegar Drive

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Terwillegar Drive
170 Street SW
Terwillegar Drive is located in Edmonton
Terwillegar Drive
Terwillegar Drive
Start/End points of Terwillegar Drive
Maintained by the City of Edmonton
Length 10.7 km[1] (6.6 mi)
Location Edmonton
North end Whitemud Drive
Rabbit Hill Road, 23 Avenue, Anthony Henday Drive, Windermere Boulevard, Ellerslie Road
South end 41 Avenue SW (city limits)

Terwillegar Drive is a developing freeway in south-west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is under construction, with the majority of its intersection at-grade, it retains its arterial road status. Once completed, it will be the third freeway in Edmonton not to have a highway designation after Groat Road and Wayne Gretzky Drive. South of Windermere Boulevard the roadway goes by 170 Street SW.

Route description[edit]

Terwillegar Drive begins at Whitemud Drive where Whitemud Drive turns from an east-west to north-south orientation as it approaches the North Saskatchewan River, and is accessible via a modified trumpet interchange with left exit ramps. It travels in a southwest direction through the Riverbend and Terwillegar Heights areas, passing through three split intersections that are staged for future diamond interchanges. Terwillegar Drive crosses Anthony Henday Drive and enters the Windermere area. At Windermere Boulevard, another split intersection, Terwillegar Drive enters the southwest (SW) quadrant and becomes 170 Street SW, turning south. 170 Street SW continues south to Ellerslie Road / Hiller Road (Ellerslie Road was realigned from the 9 Avenue SW alignment, the original alignment is slated to be removed)[2] where 170 Street is misaligned (aligned to the southbound and northbound off-ramps of a future diamond interchange) and continues south as a rural road. At 41 Avenue SW, the roadway enters Leduc County and continues south as Range Road 253.


The City of Edmonton is presently engaged in two planning studies to upgrade Terwillegar Drive and 170 Street SW to a freeway, which was originally envisioned in the 1980s.[3][4] While the right-of-way is protected, the interchange plans are still in the design stage and there is no timeline set for construction. It remains to be seen of the 170 Street SW section will be renamed Terwillegar Drive, current planning documents refer to both names.

Additionally, there are plans to extend the freeway into Leduc County, passing west of the Edmonton International Airport, and then swing east across Highway 2 and join Highway 2A south of Leduc.[5][6]


List of neighbourhoods Terwillegar Drive runs through, in order from south to north.[7]

Major intersections[edit]

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the north end of Terwillegar Drive.[7] The entire route is in Edmonton.

Whitemud Drive (Hwy 2)Modified trumpet interchange
0.70.43Bulyea Road / 40 Avenue NWSplit intersection (traffic signals); diamond interchange proposed[3]
1.71.1Rabbit Hill RoadSplit intersection (traffic signals); diamond interchange proposed[3]
3.11.923 Avenue NW / Riverbend RoadSplit intersection (traffic signals); diamond interchange proposed[3]
3.82.4Haddow DriveAt-grade (traffic lights); flyover proposed[3]
Anthony Henday Drive (Hwy 216)Diamond interchange (exit 8 on Hwy 216); cloverstack interchange proposed[3][4]
6.03.7Windermere BoulevardAt-grade (traffic signals); diamond interchange proposed[4]
South end of Terwillegar Drive • North end of 170 Street SW
6.44.0Wates Link / Ambleside LinkRight-in/right-out (no cross traffic); future closure[4]
7.04.3Washburn Drive / Anderson WayAt-grade (traffic signals); Overpass proposed[4]
7.44.6Ellerslie Road (9 Avenue SW) westAt-grade; future closure[4]
Ellerslie Road east / Hiller RoadAt-grade; 170 Street SW offset; diamond interchange proposed[4]
10.76.641 Avenue SWAt-grade (city limits); diamond interchange proposed[4]
Continues as Range Road 253
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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