A tetralogy is a compound work, made up of four distinct works. The name comes from the Attic theater, in which a tetralogy was a group of three tragedies followed by a satyr play, all by one author, to be played in one sitting at the Dionysia as part of a competition. Tetrateuch is a sometime name for the first four books of the Bible. Tintitives by Antiphon of Rhamnus; each book consists of four speeches: the prosecutor's opening speech, the first speech for the defense, the prosecutor's reply, the defendant's conclusion. Three of his tetralogies are known to have survived; the traditional arrangement of the works of Plato into nine tetralogies, including some doubtful works, the letters as a single work. The Henriad, two tetralogies of history plays of William Shakespeare. Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner Tom Sawyer tetralogy by Mark Twain; the Hobbit plus The Lord of the Rings of J. R. R. Tolkien. Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell. "Inheritance Cycle" by Christopher Paolini The Buru Quartet by Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Menagerie" by Christopher Golden and Thomas Sniegoski The Sea of Fertility by Yukio Mishima The Once and Future King By T.

H. White The Ware Tetralogy by Rudy Rucker The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe The History of the Runestaff by Michael Moorcock Rabbit Angstrom: A Tetralogy by John Updike Tetralogia by Dimos Moutsis Parade's End by Ford Madox Ford Alvin and the Chipmunks The Avengers Batman The Crow The Hunger Games Indiana Jones Insidious Jaws John Wick Mad Max The Matrix Men in Black MonsterVerse Rebuild of Evangelion Shrek Spy Kids Thor Toy Story Dead Rising Metroid Prime Saints Row In the early modern period of literature, Shakespeare drafted a pair of tetralogies, the first consisting of the three Henry VI plays and Richard III, the second, what we now call a prequel because it is set earlier, consisting of Richard II, the two Henry IV plays, Henry V; as an alternative to "tetralogy", "quartet" is sometimes used for series of four books. The term "quadrilogy", using the Latin prefix quadri- instead of the Greek, first recorded in 1865, has been used for marketing the Alien movies. Sequel Category:Literary tetralogies List of film series with four entries All pages with titles containing tetralogy

Politics in Luton

Luton, England, is a unitary authority, remains part of the ceremonial county of Bedfordshire. Luton is represented on three different tiers of Government. Luton Borough Council Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Parliament of the United Kingdom- 2 members of parliament Formerly the East of England Regional Assembly. Prior to the Local Government Act 1972, Luton had been a county borough, but still part of the county of Bedfordshire. However, with the abolition of the county boroughs, Luton was integrated into Bedfordshire and its county council; this wasn't to last however, as in 1992, the Local Government Commission for England, recommended that Luton be made into a unitary authority and be separate of the county council. The government agreed and this was enforced from 1997 onwards. Luton remains part of Bedfordshire for ceremonial purposes and one Lord Lieutenant serves for the whole ceremonial county; the council is represented by 19 wards, with a total of 48 councillors. Following the 2015 Local election, 35 are Labour, 8 councillors are Liberal Democrats and 5 are Conservative.

The council offices are centred on the Town Hall on Luton. NB: The make up of the council changed between 2003 and 2007, hence the apparent inconsistencies between the councillors in 2003 and the changes recorded for 2007. Whilst not a directly elected body, the East of England Regional Assembly is responsible for promoting the economic and social well-being of the East England region, it is made up of representatives from councils across the region, business organisations, public sector agencies and training bodies, trade unions and co-operatives and the voluntary and community sector. The Police and Crime Commissioner is a Bedfordshire county wide post and is held for the Labour Party by Olly Martins. In Luton, there are Luton North and Luton South; the current two members of parliament are Kelvin Hopkins since 1997 and Gavin Shuker since 2010. From 1979 the MPs from Luton were Conservative, however in the 1997 General Election, both constituencies were won by the Labour party candidates, these were held at the 2001, 2005 and 2010 general elections.

The town of Luton had until 1885 been part of the Bedfordshire constituency, created in 1290. Upon the abolition of this seat the constituency of Luton was created which remained the only seat in the town until 1974. In 1974 the single Luton seat was divided into Luton West and Luton East; these two seats were short lived and in 1983 the current Luton North and Luton South seats were created. Over the years Luton has been represented by various political parties, as can be seen below has mirrored the Government of the day. Constituency created Constituency abolished Constituency created Constituency abolished Constituency created Constituency created


Histrelin acetate, sold under the brand names Vantas and Supprelin LA among others, is a nonapeptide analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone with added potency. When present in the bloodstream, it acts on particular cells of the pituitary gland called gonadotropes. Histrelin stimulates these cells to release luteinizing follicle-stimulating hormone, thus it is considered a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist or GnRH agonist. Histrelin is used to treat hormone-sensitive cancers of the prostate in men and uterine fibroids in women. In addition, histrelin has been proven to be effective in treating central precocious puberty in children, it is available as a daily intramuscular injection. Histrelin is available in a 12-month subcutaneous implant for the palliative treatment of advanced prostate cancer, since 2005 in the US, since Jan 2010 in the UK. A 12-month subcutaneous implant for central precocious puberty was approved on May 3, 2007 by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. Histrelin is part of the primary care protocol in transgender children/youth, is used in suppressing cis-sex puberty, until the patient is ready to begin cross-sex hormonal therapy.

However, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved it for this purpose. Side effects are due to low testosterone levels and include headache, hot flashes, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction. In a process known as downregulation, daily stimulation of pituitary gonadotropes causes them to become desensitized to the effects of histrelin; as a consequence, levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone fall after a short period of time. From that point forward, as long as histrelin is administered, the levels of LH and FSH in the blood remain low; this prolonged lowering of LH and FSH levels is the rationale for therapy using GnRH agonists. Since LH and FSH stimulate the gonads to produce estrogens and androgens in females and males histrelin can be used to decrease the sex steroids in the blood of patients. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor § Agonists Central Precocious Puberty