The 13th Scroll

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The 13th Scroll
Studio album by Cobra Strike

August 24, 1999

2010 (reissue)
Recorded 1999 (1999) at Moseleum Tunnel, Chatsworth, California
Genre Avant-garde metal, electronica
Length 52:34
Label Ion
Producer Travis Dickerson, Buckethead, Jerry Mano
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The 13th Scroll
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media (7.0/10) [1]

The 13th Scroll is the first album by American avant-garde metal band Cobra Strike, released in 1999. In addition to lead member Buckethead, the album features drums by Pinchface, with additional drum programming by Bryan "Brain" Mantia and DJ Disk. On the right of artwork is shown Ultraman Hayata, a character of Ultraman, a popular 1966 Japanese Tokusatsu TV show.

The term "cobra strike" was inspired by the video game G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike (1983). Artwork for the second album features cobras as seen in the game.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "The 13th Scroll" 5:10
2. "Water Ceiling" 0:29
3. "7th Hall/6th Door" 2:24
4. "Blank Sky" 0:53
5. "Torn Face" 5:14
6. "Wound" 0:55
7. "Inferno" 6:18
8. "Braingate" 2:59
9. "CS-118" 1:55
10. "Torture Tunnel" 3:49
11. "Headstone" 1:10
12. "Hidden Tomb" 6:23
13. "32nd Degree" 1:39
14. "Helicopter Kick" 3:12
15. "Black Sea River" 1:15
16. "Silent Scream" 1:40
17. "Buried Alive" 1:38
18. "The 13th Scroll (Digging to the Devil)" 5:31



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