The Amazing Race: China Rush 2

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The Amazing Race: China Rush
(season 2)
Season run August 7 – October 23, 2011
Filming dates May 13 – June 7, 2011
No. of episodes 12[1]
Presenter Allan Wu
Winning team Lili Li & Jan Höpper
Season statistics
Continents visited 1
Countries visited 1
States visited 10
Cities visited 10
No. of legs 12
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 1
Next →
Season 3

The Amazing Race: China Rush (Chinese: 极速前进:冲刺!中国; pinyin: Jísù Qiánjìn: Chōngcì! Zhōngguó) is a Chinese reality television series based on the American reality TV series, The Amazing Race. The second season features 11 teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship, in a race across 11 cities in China to win a trip to Hoh Xil Natural Reserve and a trip around the world worth 400,000CN¥ (US$62,000).[1]

The Chinese TV network International Channel Shanghai aired the season in English, and DragonTV in Chinese.

American and German dating couple Lily Li & Jan Höpper were the winners of the race.



The Starting Line of this edition of The Amazing Race: China Rush was located at Lujiazui Park in Shanghai.

Applications were accepted from March 4, 2011, and ended April 10, 2011. Filming began May 13, 2011, and ended June 7, 2011.[2]

In contrast to the previous season which featured foreign and ex-pat contestants, this season has a mixed cast between native born Chinese and foreigners living in China. All the contestants communicate using a mixture of Chinese and English.


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note this table does not necessarily reflect all content broadcast on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order.

Team Relationship Position (by leg) Roadblocks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
United StatesGermany 莉莉 & 杨 Lily & Jan Dating Couple 3rd 5th 7th 3rd 2nd> 1st 5th 1st 2nd 1st 2nd~ 1st Lily 6, Jan 6
United StatesChina 西蒙 & 王薇毅 Simon & Katherine Dating Long Distance 6th 8th 6th 6th3 5th 6th 3rd 5th 4th 3rd 3rd+ 2nd Simon 6, Katherine 6
China 孙斌 & 郝菲尔 Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er Recording Artists 8th 9th1 1st> 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 2nd 1st~ 3rd Sun Bin 6, Hao Fei'er 6
New ZealandAustralia 马修 & 凯莉 Matt & Kylie Friends/International Students in China 10th 7th 2nd 4th3 4th 5th 4th 3rd 1st 4th 4th+ Matt 6, Kylie 5
China 蒋志洁 & 蒋欣瑶 Mary & Cecilia Cousins/Students in Canada 1st 1st 8th< 7th3 6th< 4th 1st 4th 5th 5th Mary 5, Cecilia 4
UkraineUnited Kingdom 伊莲娜 & 特玛卡 Elena & Tameka Fitness Fanatics/Competitive Dancers 7th 2nd 3rd 2nd 3rd 3rd 6th 6th Elena 3, Tameka 4
United States 瑞特 & 豪伊 Rhett & Howie 30 Year China Veterans 5th 6th 4th 5th3 7th 7th Rhett 2, Howie 3
China 夏洲 & 周一成 Summer & Eachen Newly Dating/Childhood Friends 4th 4th 5th 8th4,5 Summer 0, Eachen 3
China 小龙 & 吕猛 Xiao Long & Lv Meng Wushu Coaches 2nd 3rd 9th Xiao Long 1, Lv Meng 1
China 来冬梅 & 王劼奇 A Lai & Jackie Mother/Son 9th 10th2 A Lai 0, Jackie 03
CanadaGhana 保罗 & 纳什 Paul & Nash High School Teachers 11th Paul 0, Nash 0
  • A red team placement indicates that the team was eliminated.
  • An underlined blue team placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and had to perform a Speed Bump task in the following leg.
  • A yellow > indicates that the team chose to use the Yield; < indicates the team who received it.
  • A brown ⊃ or a cyan ⋑ indicate that the team chose to use one of the two U-Turns in a Double U-Turn; or indicate the team who received it.
  • Matching colored symbols (orange + and magenta ~) indicate teams who worked together during part of the leg as a result of an Intersection.
  1. ^ Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er were unable to complete the secret code task and elected to take a 2-hour penalty.
  2. ^ A Lai & Jackie were unable to complete the puzzle task or the secret code task and elected to take two 2-hour penalties. When they arrived at the Lying Dragon Valley after all the other teams had checked in, Allan came to the location to inform them of their elimination.
  3. ^ Matthew, Rhett, Simon and Mary were unable to complete the Roadblock and elected to take a 2-hour penalty.
  4. ^ Summer & Eachen used their U-Turn power on Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er, however they had already passed the U-Turn point and were therefore unaffected by it.
  5. ^ Summer & Eachen elected to withdraw from the Race at the end of Leg 4 due to family reasons. They initially arrived 3rd at the Pit Stop, but told Allen to remove them from the Race, resulting in their elimination.


The prize for each leg is awarded to the first place team for that leg.

  • Leg 1 – A Three day Two night trip for two to Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou.
  • Leg 2 – A Three day Two night trip for two to Sanya, Hainan.
  • Leg 3 – A Three day Two night trip for two to Hong Kong.
  • Leg 4 – A Four day Three night trip for two to Malaysia.
  • Leg 5 – A Seven day trip for two to Thailand.
  • Leg 6 – A trip for two to Bali, Indonesia.
  • Leg 7 – A Seven day trip for two to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Leg 8 – A Seven day trip of two to California
  • Leg 9 – A Three day Two night trip for two to Hawaii.
  • Leg 10 – A Five day Four night trip for two to Maldives.
  • Leg 11 – A trip to Hoh Xil Natural Reserve and a trip around the world worth ¥400,000 ($55,662).

Race summary[edit]

Destinations Legenda lotnisko.svg Air travel   Legenda kolej.svg Rail travel   Legenda prom.svg Water travel   Bus-logo.svg Bus travel
Route Markers Detour icon.svg Detour   Roadblock icon.svg Roadblock   Yield icon.svg Yield   Intersection icon.svg Intersection   U-Turn icon.svg U-Turn   Speed Bump icon.svg Speed Bump   TAR-pitstop-icon.png Pit Stop
Route Map.

Leg 1 (Shanghai → Zhejiang)[edit]

Airdate: August 7, 2011

  • Shanghai, China China (Lujiazui Park) (Starting Line)[3]
  • Railway: Shanghai (Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station) to Wuzhen, Zhejiang (Wuzhen Railway Station)
  • Wuzhen (Wuzhen Monument)
  • Wuzhen (Xi Qing Tang Wedding Hall Museum)
  • Wuzhen (West Wuzhen Post Office)
  • Detour: Hang Out or Dig In Wuzhen (Foliage Dai Ning Workshop or Syria Chang Sauces)
  • Wuzhen (Wenchang Pavilion)
  • Wuzhen (An Du Fang Floating Market) Roadblock: Not Aired
  • Wuzhen (East Wuzhen Pharmacy)
  • Wuzhen (Jiang Zhe Fen Fu) Pit Stop: Leg 1

In this first Detour of the race, teams had to choose between Hang Out or Dig In. In Hang out, teams went to Foliage Dai Ning Workshop, where teams must successfully hang four different blue calico patterns in traditional bamboo pole drying rack to receive the next clue. In Dig In, teams went to Syria Chang Sauces, identify a "Wuzhen Tong Bao" coin from the owner and search marked vats filled with bean sauce to find the right pair of the said coin.

An unaired Roadblock required one team member to sit on a floating tub in the lake to catch five fishes.

Additional Tasks
  • In Xi Qing Tang Wedding Hall Museum, each team must take a red envelope (hong bao) and bring it to a bride to receive their next clue.
  • At the Pharmacy, teams had to search 120 drawers filled with word cards where the words "Jiang", "Zhe", "Fen" and "Fu" are imprinted, They must then arrange the cards to spell out the name of the pit stop.

Leg 2 (Zhejiang → Jiangxi)[edit]

The Detour choices in Wuyuan, Jiangxi, both paid tributes to harvesting tea leaves.

Airdate: August 14, 2011

  • Bus: Wuzhen to Wuyuan, Jiangxi
  • Wuyuan (Jiangwan Village)
  • Wuyuan (Xintian Village) Detour: Hunters or Gatherers
  • Wuyuan (Yantian Village – Millennium Guzheng)
  • Wuyuan (Lying Dragon Valley) Roadblock: "Who's ready for a rush?"
  • Wuyuan (Rainbow Bridge) Pit Stop: Leg 2

In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between Hunters and Gatherers, both of which took place in nearby tea fields. In Hunters, teams had to search the entire field for a tiny, golden tea leaf, which they could exchange for their next clue. In Gatherers, teams went to a different tea field and had to harvest 150 grams of tea leaves to receive their next clue. In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to climb up a waterfall cascading over a rock face.

Additional tasks
  • At Jiangwan Village, teams had to complete a large puzzle to receive their next clue.
  • At the Millennium Guzheng, teams were told to search the rooms for a numerical code. Teams had to figure out that this code could be found by looking at all of the stopped clocks in the rooms (9:28) which corresponded to their code (0928).

Leg 3 (Jiangxi → Fujian)[edit]

For the Roadblock, teams have to finish a serving of blood clams.

Airdate: August 21, 2011

  • Bus: Wuyuan to Jingdezhen
  • Railway: Jingdezhen to Ningde, Fujian
  • Ningde (Niulanggang Beach) Detour: Wheels or Peels
  • Bus: Niulanggang Beach to Downtown Ningde
  • Ningde (North Bank Park) Yield (Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er Yielded Cecelia & Mary
  • Ningde (Mindong Hotel) Roadblock: "Who wants to chow down?"
  • Ningde (She Palace Museum) Pit Stop: Leg 3

In this Detour, teams had to choose between Wheels and Peels. In Wheels, teams had to push a large water tricycle into the water, and then pedal it out to a large inflatable ball. They would then ride back to shore on a banana boat with their ball and, once on shore, could open the ball to find their next clue. In Peels, teams had to ride a Segway across a marked course to a dig site on the beach. They would then have to dig up six different kinds of fruits and exchange them for their next clue.

The first aired Roadblock of the race requires one team member had to eat a large serving of blood clams and three glasses of Baijiu, to receive their next clue.

Additional task
  • At North Bank Park, teams had to ride paddle boats out into the lake and find one of nine clues floating on the water.

Leg 4 (Fujian → Guangdong)[edit]

In Guangdong, teams visited Danxia Shan.

Airdate: August 28, 2011

In this Roadblock, one team member had to climb down a rocky cliff using a rope ladder, retrieve their clue from the tops of the trees at the bottom, and then climb back up the rope ladder to complete the task.

In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between Chasing Chickens and Dancing Lions. In Chasing Chickens, teams travelled to a chicken farm where they had to catch 10 chickens and place them in baskets. Once the baskets were filled, they would receive their next clue. In Dancing Lion, teams had to search the town for a lion head, and then search inside specified buildings for the matching tail. They would then have to learn and perform a traditional Chinese Dragon Dance. Once the dance was performed in satisfaction, they would get their next clue.

Additional task
  • At the Taoist Temple, teams had to transport 35 kg of rice up an extremely steep path.

Leg 5 (Guangdong → Hunan)[edit]

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan was the Roadblock Location for Leg 5.

Airdate: September 4, 2011

In this leg's Detour, teams had to choose between Look and Listen (Presented to Chinese-speaking contestants and viewers as Name that View or Name that Tune). In Look, teams travelled to the Xiang Xi Gallery and had to correctly match ten pictures of the famous mountains surrounding Zhangjiajie with their names. If they could get all 10 correct, they would receive their next clue, although there were more than 10 pictures. In Listen, teams travelled to Baofeng Lake and searched the lake on boat for a female singer who was singing four distinct songs, with the corresponding names being displayed. They then had to find a marked cave where a male singer would be singing one of these songs. If they could correctly identify it, they would receive their next clue. If not, they would be required to return to the female singer before being allowed to guess again.

For the Roadblock, one team member had to chop onions, garlic and spices in order to make a famous Hunan spice mixture. Once the spice mixture was made, they would receive their next clue.

Additional task
  • At Xiang Xi Farmhouse, teams had to use hacksaws to cut a bamboo pole filled with Baijiu into four pieces and fill a pot with the baijiu.

Leg 6 (Hunan → Chongqing)[edit]

Teams had to rappel down one of the cliffs in Chongqing's Wulong County in this leg's Roadblock.

Airdate: September 11, 2011

  • Flight: Zhangjiajie (Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport) to Chongqing (Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport)
  • Bus: Chongqing to Wulong County
  • Wulong County (Wujiang Bridge)
  • Wulong County (Zhang's Lamb Hot Pot Restaurant)
  • Shuanghe Town (Highland Vegetable Farm) Speed Bump: "Irrigate cabbage patch
  • Wulong County (Fairy Mountain) Detour: Roll It or Ride It
  • Wulong County (Three Natural Bridge) Roadblock: "Who likes to hang out?"
  • Wulong County (People Square)
  • Wulong County (Century Square) Pit Stop: Leg 6

In the Speed Bump, Howie & Rhett had to irrigate a cabbage patch by hand, once they had successfully sprinkled 2 buckets of water in their designated cabbage patch they can continue racing.

In this Detour, teams had to choose between Roll It or Ride It. In Roll It, teams had to count all the tires along the hill, once their answer was correct they had to get into a Zorb and go down the hill to receive their next clue. In Ride It, teams had to drive a Go-kart in a 2 lap circuit (1 lap each member) in less than 7.30 minutes to receive their next clue, if the team couldn't complete the task in the allotted time, they would have to wash the Go-kart before trying again.

In this Roadblock, one team member had to rappel down a 90-meter cliff face-down in order to retrieve the next clue.

Additional tasks
  • In the Hot Pot Restaurant, teams had to search for 1 marked bottled of Snow beer among 600 others, then teams had to eat 10 plates of lamb to receive their next clue.
  • At the farm, teams had to prepare breakfast for the pigs by graining dry corn and mixing it with vegetables in a traditional way. Once the pigs eat their feed, teams would receive the next clue.

Leg 7 (Chongqing → Yunnan)[edit]

Teams traveled to Dayan in Lijiang, Yunnan on this leg.

Airdate: September 18, 2011

  • Wulong County (Furong Cave) Roadblock: "Who wants to take a trip to remember?"
  • Flight: Chongqing (Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport) to Lijiang, Yunnan (Lijiang Airport)
  • Bus: Lijiang Airport to Zhao Xiong Ge Station
  • Lijiang (Naxi restaurant)
  • Shuhe, Lijiang (Chama Yingbin Square) Detour: Renovate or Communicate
  • Shuhe, Lijiang (Feihua Chushui) Double U-Turn: Mary & Cecilia U-Turned Lily & Jan and Sun Bin & Hao Fei'er U-Turned Elena & Tameka
  • Dayan, Lijiang (Entrance)
  • Dayan, Lijiang (Mufu Palace) Pit Stop: Leg 7

For this Roadblock, one team member had to zipline across the river near Wulong. On the other side, they would find two women in traditional clothing singing a song. They would then have to zipline back, where they would find many symbols on a board. They would have to correctly identify which symbols were on the dresses worn by the women. Once they identified both correct symbols, they would be able to sign up for a departure time from the Lijiang Airport; otherwise, they had to zipline back and try again.

In the Detour, teams chose between Communicate and Renovate. in Communicate, one team member would view some pictographic symbols from the Naxi language. The other team member would have to draw these symbols on a chalkboard, following only verbal clues from their partner. In Renovate, teams would have to paint and dress a horse carriage to match a given example.

Additional task
  • At the Naxi restaurant, team members would each have to properly cook two Baba cakes.

Leg 8 (Yunnan)[edit]

Teams ended the eighth leg of the race at Lijiang's Black Dragon Pool.

Airdate: September 25, 2011

In this Roadblock, one team member had to climb a steep, snowy hill while carrying both team members' backpacks and a race flag, while at 4,506 metres (14,783 ft) above sea level.

In the Speed Bump, Tameka & Elena had to make a set of traditional pastry snacks. Once the snacks was to the satisfaction of a guide, they could proceed on to the Detour.

In the Detour, teams had to choose between On the Mark or Through the Park. In On the Mark, teams went to an archery field where they would shoot a bow and arrow at a target. After achieving 100 points, they would receive their next clue. In Through the Park, teams had to deliver three items (A large pile of firewood, two heavy wine jugs, and two drums) through the village. After delivering the items undamaged, they would receive their next clue.

Additional note
  • The clue received at Guang Bi Lou simply contained the number "4506". Teams needed to figure out that this referred to one of the elevation markers on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Leg 9 (Yunnan → Qinghai)[edit]

In Xunhua, Qinghai, teams rafted down the Yellow River in the first half of Leg 9.
Teams performed the Spin It part of the Detour in an apiary.

Airdate: October 2, 2011

  • Flight: Lijiang (Lijiang Airport) to Xining, Qinghai (Xining Caojiabu Airport)
  • Bus: Xining to Xunhua
  • Xunhua (Yijia Minority Products)
  • Xunhua (Yellow River - Jishi Bridge)
  • Xunhua (San Lan Ba Hai Village) Detour: Sun or Bun
  • Xunhua (Yimahai Village) Roadblock: "Who's ready to pull their own weight?"
  • Xunhua (Wendu Monastery)
  • Xunhua (Camel Spring Mosque) Pit Stop: Leg 9

The first Detour of the leg was a choice between Sun and Bun. In Sun, teams had to properly assemble a solar powered cooking device. In Bun, teams had to correctly make 20 traditional flower-shaped buns.

In the first Roadblock of the leg, one team member had to utilize a pulley system to pull themselves and a basket of supplies across the Yellow River in a box. They then had to climb up to a monastery and deliver these supplies before pulling themselves back across.

Additional tasks
  • At Yijia Minority Products, teams had to collect 40 identical traditional Muslim hats from a pile and then trim the loose threads. They then had to fold and package these 40 hats. Teams would then receive departure times for the morning.
  • At the Yellow River, teams had to inflate lamb hides rafts and then travel across the raging rapids to the other side.

Airdate: October 9, 2011

  • Bus: Xunhua to Xining to Datong County
  • Datong County (Yao Zi Gou) Roadblock: "Who is the piece maker?"
  • Dongxiazhen (Dong Xia Zhen Market)
  • Datong County (Guang Hui Temple)
  • Datong County (Duo Long Village) Detour: Spin It or Stack It
  • Datong County (Ming Dynasty Era Great Wall)
  • Datong County (Lao Ye Mountain) Pit Stop: Leg 10

In the second Roadblock of the leg, teams had to correctly piece together six traditional Chinese shadow puppets. When they were done, they would receive their next clue.

The second Detour of the race was a choice of Spin It or Stack It. In Spin It, teams teavelled to an apiary and choose a beehive. They then had to remove the bees from the honeycomb and place them into spinning drums that are used to extract honey. Once they had extracted a full jar of honey, they would receive their next clue. In Stack It, teams had to tie up five bales of hay, carry them across a river, and then properly stack them to receive their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At the Dong Xia Zhen Market, teams were given a pot of Eight Treasures Tea to taste and observe. They then had to correctly gather the eight ingredients used in making the tea. If teams made three incorrect guesses, they would receive a 15-minute time penalty.
  • At the Guang Hui Temple, teams had to light six candles, three small and three large, and properly greet a monk to get their clue.

Leg 10 (Qinghai → Shandong)[edit]

Teams travelled to Penglai in Yantai, Shandong on the penultimate leg.

Airdate: October 16, 2011

  • Flight: Xining, Qinghai (Xining Caojiabu Airport) to Yantai, Shandong (Yantai International Airport)
  • Penglai (Statue of the Eight Immortals)
  • Penglai (Hai Xian Ju Restaurant)
  • Penglai (Yu Jia Le Fishing Dock) Intersection Roadblock: "Search Finishing Net Containung Clues?"
  • Penglai (Chateau Junding) Detour: Count The Vines or Find The Wind
  • Penglai (San Xian Shan Park)
  • Penglai (Bei Wo Du Residence)
  • Penglai (Fortified Harbor of Water City) Pit Stop: Leg 10

At the Intersection, teams had to join with one other team to complete tasks and make decisions together until further notice. In this special Roadblock, one team member from each of the intersected teams had to ride a fishing boat out to a collection of buoys. They then had to lift whatever the buoys were attached to onto the boat. Once they found their next clue (which was hidden inside of a string of fishing nets), they could return to the shore, where they would no longer be intersected.

The Detour was a choice between Count the Vines or Find the Wine. In Count the Vines, teams went out into the fields of the winery where they had to count the number of grapevines growing. In Find the Wine, teams entered the wine cellar, where they found a collection of wine glasses that represented a numerical code. They had to use this example to decipher a code represented by a second collection of wine glasses. If they got the correct number, they had to find the corresponding barrel and then roll it out of the basement to get their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • At Hai Xian Ju Restaurant, teams had to eat two sea cucumbers each.
  • At San Xian Shan Park, teams had to watch a musical performance involving many instruments including bells. They then had fifteen minutes to practice the bells portion of the song before performing it. If they made a mistake or performed out of sync, they would receive a fifteen-minute penalty. They could then try again.

Leg 11 (Shandong → Shanghai)[edit]

The Mercedes-Benz Arena at Shanghai was the Finish Line of the second season of The Amazing Race: China Rush.

Airdate: October 23, 2011

For the final Detour of the race, teams had to choose between Spin It and Snap It. In Spin It, teams had to spin a kongju across a marked course without letting it drop and while keeping it spinning the whole time. In Snap It, teams received a photograph of a tourist. They then had to find this tourist and direct them to the location in the photograph. They then had to recreate the photograph exactly and take a new photo to receive their next clue.

For the final Roadblock of the race, one team member had to search among pictures and names attached to sculptures in the sculpture park to find the eleven pictures of the Pit Stop locations they visited, as well as a picture to go with each.

Leg Pit Stop Location
1 Jiang Zhe Fen Fu Wuzhen
2 Rainbow Bridge Wuyuan
3 She Palace Museum Ningde
4 Shao Yin Ting Pavilion Danxiashan
5 Bai Long Square Zhangjiajie
6 Century Square Wulong
7 Mufu Palace Lijiang
8 Black Dragon Pool Lijiang
9 Camel Spring Mosque Xunhua
Lao Ye Mountain Datong
10 Fortified Harbor of Water City Penglai

Once the pictures and names of the cities were correctly attached, they would receive their final clue.

Additional Tasks

  • At the Hilton Hongqiao, teams were given fifteen minutes to observe a properly made room. They then had to properly dress their own room to receive their next clue.
  • At the Snow Beer Factory, teams had to operate a forklift and transfer six large stacks of boxes of beer to a designated area. Each team member had to do an equal amount of work as the other. If any boxes of beer fell, they would be forced to take a fifteen-minute time penalty. Once the stacks were transferred and the forklift returned to its original position, teams received their next clue.



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