The Andy Milonakis Show

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The Andy Milonakis Show
Created byAndy Milonakis
Jimmy Kimmel
StarringAndy Milonakis
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes22
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)Jackhole Productions
MTV Production Development
Original networkMTV
Original releaseJune 26, 2005 (2005-06-26) –
May 1, 2007 (2007-05-01)

The Andy Milonakis Show is an American sketch comedy television show starring Andy Milonakis, which aired on MTV2, the first season having aired on MTV. The program premiered on June 26, 2005 and ended with its three-season run when it was cancelled on May 1, 2007.[1]


The show features Milonakis as well as a supporting cast made up of his actual neighbors and people from the Lower East Side, Manhattan neighborhood where the show originally took place. There is no plot and the comedy in the sketches tends to be absurdist and silly. Despite its time slot and intended audience, the content is rated TV PG. There are often animated segments, and often man-on-the-street segments; the last sketch of the show usually involves a celebrity guest. In the third and final season, Milonakis moved to Los Angeles to be with his now famous pet turtle, Herbie, his best friend, Ralphie, sneaks along and moves with him. Ralphie made their old friends into household items so they could be with Andy too. However, they played significantly smaller roles than in the prior two seasons.

Series History[edit]

The first two seasons, filmed in New York City, each consisted of eight episodes; the main cast consisted of Andy, Ralphie, Larry and Rivka. Billy, who was seen in only a few bits in the first season, became a cast member for season two. Andy was always seen in his trademark red plaid button-down shirt for these two seasons.

The third season consisted of six episodes. Andy moves to Los Angeles, and begins wearing a blue plaid button-down shirt, given to him by Ralphie, who had been wearing it under his arm "to stop the sweat." Ralphie is the only original cast member to join Andy for season three, but is able to bring along the remaining cast as household items. He turned Larry into a can opener, mounted Rivka's head and put Billy's soul on his shoe.

Season two introduced a cartoon show-within-a-show called "The Lower East Side Dysfunctional Monster Gang Squad Family Cartoon Show." For season three, the title remained the same, albeit adding "In L.A." at the end. Andy provided the voices of Handsome Pig, Vicious Critter and Baby Dracula. Ralphie voiced Hairmouth, Rivka voiced Eyemouth Susie, Larry voiced Acid Reflux Charlie and Billy voiced Not-So-Human Stick.

Season three also introduced a new theme song, with Andy rapping about his move to Los Angeles, while making references to lines from the original theme song ("Peas on my head," "Bees on my head," e.g.).


Season 1: June 2005-August 2005[edit]

Episode number Original air date Guest star(s)
1.1 June 26, 2005 Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz, Biz Markie
1.2 July 3, 2005 Snoop Dogg, Vanessa Minnillo
1.3 July 10, 2005 John Stamos
1.4 July 17, 2005 The Black Eyed Peas
1.5 July 24, 2005 Ying Yang Twins
1.6 July 31, 2005 Fat Joe
1.7 August 7, 2005 Carson Daly
1.8 August 14, 2005 Rob Schneider

Season 2: March 2006-May 2006[edit]

Episode number Original air date Guest star(s)
2.1 March 31, 2006 Paul Wall
2.2 April 7, 2006 Juelz Santana
2.3 April 14, 2006 Nick Cannon
2.4 April 21, 2006 The All-American Rejects
2.5 April 28, 2006 Mike Jones
2.6 May 4, 2006 Seth Green
2.7 May 11, 2006 Jimmy Kimmel
2.8 May 18, 2006 Shaun White

Season 3: March 2007-May 2007[edit]

Episode number Episode title Original air date Guest star(s)
3.1 "Andy Moves To L.A." March 27, 2007 Hilary Duff
3.2 "Andy Is Annoying" April 3, 2007 Sarah Silverman
3.3 "Andy Goes Camping" April 10, 2007 Three 6 Mafia
3.4 "Andy and Ralphie Are Dumb" April 17, 2007 Akon
3.5 "Andy's Soap Opera" April 24, 2007 Paul Reubens
3.6 "Andy's Season Finale Extravaganza" May 1, 2007 Bow Wow


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