The Annals of Thoracic Surgery

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The Annals of Thoracic Surgery  
The Annals of Thoracic Surgery.gif
Discipline Pulmonary disease, surgery
Language English
Edited by L. Henry Edmunds
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Monthly
Standard abbreviations
Ann. Thorac. Surg.
ISSN 0003-4975 (print)
1552-6259 (web)
OCLC no. 1481414

The Annals of Thoracic Surgery is a peer-reviewed medical journal that was established in 1965. It covers the fields of pulmonary diseases and surgery. It is the official journal of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and the Southern Thoracic Surgical Association.

Article retraction practice[edit]

In 2004, The Annals of Thoracic Surgery published a study comparing two heart drugs. In January 2011, the journal retracted the study. The journal's editor-in-chief, L. Henry Edmunds, was contacted by Retraction Watch to get details about the cause of the retraction. Edmunds replied that journalists and bloggers need not discuss article retraction and that it was sufficient for the public to know that the article had been retracted. Edmunds went on to say that the reasons why a journal might retract an article are personal in the same way that the reasons for a marital divorce are.[1]

Current editorial board[edit]


  • G. Alexander Patterson, MD, St. Louis, Missouri

Past editors[edit]

  • L. Henry Edmunds Jr, MD, 2000-2015
  • Thomas B. Ferguson MD, 1984-2000
  • Herbert Sloan MD, 1969-1984
  • John D. Steele MD, 1964-1969

Deputy editors[edit]

Original articles[edit]

  • Verdi J. DiSesa MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Mark K. Ferguson MD, Chicago, Illinois
  • Thomas E. MacGillivray MD, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Constantine Mavroudis MD, Orlando, Florida

Feature articles[edit]

  • John A. Odell MD, Jacksonville, Florida

Special articles[edit]

  • Douglas J. Mathisen MD, Boston, Massachusetts


  • Colleen G. Koch MD, Cleveland, Ohio

Associate editors[edit]

Associate editors for CME[edit]

  • Katherine P. Grichnik MD, Durham, North Carolina
  • Kirk R. Kanter MD, Atlanta, Georgia
  • John A. Kern MD, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Kemp H. Kernstine MD, Dallas, Texas

Ethics editor[edit]

  • Robert M. Sade MD, Charleston, South Carolina

Statistics editor[edit]

  • Gary L. Grunkemeier PhD, Portland, Oregon

Feature article editors[edit]

  • Derek R. Brinster MD, Richmond, Virginia
  • David B. Campbell MD, Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Rick A. Esposito MD, Manhassett, New York
  • Richard Lee MD, St. Louis, Missouri
  • S. Bert Litwin MD, Boca Raton, Florida
  • M. Blair Marshall MD, Washington, District of Columbia
  • Joseph I. Miller MD, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Wayne E. Richenbacher, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Jorge D. Salazar MD, Jackson, Mississippi
  • Mark S. Slaughter MD, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Thomas J. Vander Salm MD, Salem, Massachusetts

Surgical heritage editor[edit]

  • Nicholas T. Kouchoukos MD, St. Louis, Missouri

Managing Editor[edit]

  • Kavitha Reinhold, MA, Chicago, Illinois

Editorial board[edit]

  • Mark S. Allen MD, Rochester, New York
  • Nasser K. Altorki MD, New York, New York
  • Hisao Asamura MD, Tokyo, Japan
  • Ko Bando MD, Nasushiobara, Japan
  • Stefano Benussi MD, Milan, Italy
  • William J. Brawn MD, Birmingham, UK
  • Alessandro Brunelli, Ancona, Italy
  • Albert T. Cheung, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • John V. Conte MD, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Steven R. DeMeester MD, Los Angeles, California
  • Jessica S. Donington MD, New York, New York
  • Fred H. Edwards MD, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Anthony L. Estrera MD, Houston, Texas
  • Wentao Fang MD, Shanghai, China
  • Hiran C. Fernando MD, Boston, Massachusetts
  • James S. Gammie MD, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Robert C. Gorman MD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Michael Grimm MD, Vienna, Austria
  • Eugene A. Grossi MD, New York, New York
  • George L. Hicks, Jr MD, Rochester, New York
  • Jennifer C. Hirsch-Romano MD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Marshall L. Jacobs MD, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Michael E. Jessen MD, Dallas, Texas
  • David R. Jones MD, Charlottesville, Virginia
  • A. Pieter Kappetein MD, PhD, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Ki-Bong Kim MD, Seoul, Korea
  • James K. Kirklin MD, Birmingham, Alabama
  • Arkalgud Sampath Kumar MD, Delhi, India
  • Tomislav Mihaljevic MD, Cleveland, Ohio
  • R. Scott Mitchell MD, Stanford, California
  • Yoshifumi Naka MD, New York, New York
  • Louis P. Perrault MD, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Richard L. Prager MD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Gaetano Rocco MD, Naples, Italy
  • Juan Rosai MD, Milan, Italy
  • Marc Ruel MD, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Shunji Sano MD, Okayama, Japan
  • Joseph B. Shrager MD, Stanford, California
  • Patricia A. Thistlethwaite MD, San Diego, California
  • Vinod H. Thourani MD, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Glen S. Van Arsdell MD, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Pascal R. Vouhe MD, Paris, France
  • Thomas K. Waddell MD, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Thomas Walther MD, Nauheim, Germany
  • Song Wan MD, Hong Kong, China
  • Cameron D. Wright MD, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Qing-yu Wu, Beijing, China



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