The Apocalypse Watch

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The Apocalypse Watch
Ludlum - The Apocalypse Watch Coverart.png
The Apocalypse Watch first edition cover.
AuthorRobert Ludlum
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreThriller novel
Publication date
April 10, 1995
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback) & Audiobook
Pages480 pp (first edition)

The Apocalypse Watch (1995) is a novel by Robert Ludlum. A TV movie based on it aired in 1997 which starred Patrick Bergin and Virginia Madsen;[1][2][3][4] this was Ludlum's second novel to focus on a neo-Nazi conspiracy to take over the world, after The Holcroft Covenant (1978).

Plot summary[edit]

The plot concerns Drew Latham, a special officer for consular operations, who must discover why his brother was killed after a covert mission, he impersonates his brother and uncovers a web of neo-Nazi supporters with members at high levels of the U.S. government and its allies. Latham must stop the neo-Nazis' plot to take over Europe through terrorism and biological warfare.

A running joke concerns the inability of the French to pronounce "Latham" correctly.

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