The Battle of Dingjunshan (film)

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The Battle of Dingjunshan
Tan Xinpei Dingjunshan 1905.jpg
MandarinDìngjūn Shān
Directed byRen Qingtai
Written byLuo Guanzhong
StarringTan Xinpei
Fengtai Photography
Release date
1905; 114 years ago (1905)

The Battle of Dingjunshan is a 1905 Chinese film directed by Ren Qingtai (任庆泰) aka Ren Jingfeng (任景丰). The film was made by Beijing's Fengtai Photography (simplified Chinese: 丰泰照相馆; traditional Chinese: 丰泰照相館).[1] It was based on an episode in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and starred Tan Xinpei (simplified Chinese: 谭鑫培; traditional Chinese: 譚鑫培). It is sometimes translated as Conquering Jun Mountain.

The film consisted of a recording of a Beijing opera performance of the Battle of Mount Dingjun and constitutes the first Chinese film ever made.[2]

The only print was destroyed in a fire in the late 1940s.[citation needed]

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