The Big Love

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The Big Love
Author Tedd Thomey, Florence Aadland (as told by)
Country United States
Language English
Subject Biography
Publisher Lancer Books/Warner Books Edition (1986)
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 192 pp
ISBN 0-446-30159-0
OCLC 14409362

The Big Love, is a non-fiction scandalous biographical account of an alleged love affair between actor Errol Flynn and then fifteen-year-old actress Beverly Aadland, as told by her mother, Florence Aadland.

The original 1961 edition was first published by Lancer Books. A Warner Books Edition was released in 1986. This edition contained an epilogue by Thomey, commenting on Florence Aadland's life and death, and her imprisonment. The Big Love is now available, with supplemental materials, from Spurl Editions.

The book was reviewed by William Styron, a reprint of which appears in This Quiet Dust, and Other Writings.

Stage adaptation[edit]

In 1991, actress Tracey Ullman played the part of Florence in a one woman show by Brooke Allen based on the book.[1][2]


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