The Biggest Loser (season 2)

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The Biggest Loser (season 2)
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes12
Original networkNBC
Original releaseSeptember 13 (2005-09-13) –
November 29, 2005 (2005-11-29)
Season chronology
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Season 1
Next →
Season 3

The Biggest Loser (season 2) is the second season of the NBC competitive reality television series entitled The Biggest Loser. The second season premiered on September 13, 2005, and like season one features overweight contestants who compete by trying to lose the most weight; the show is hosted by comedian Caroline Rhea, with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels joining as the two personal trainers.

The contestants were divided into two teams: men in red and women in blue, with each team assigned to their own personal trainer of the opposite sex; each week, the team which had the lowest percentage of total weight-loss was required to vote out one member of their own team. In Season 1, most pounds lost determined who won. Not percentage of total weight- loss.

The show concluded November 29, 2005, when Matt was declared "The Biggest Loser", winning $250,000. Seth was awarded $50,000 for his second-place finish, and Suzy was awarded $25,000 for third. Of the non-finalists, Pete had lost the highest percentage of weight and received the $100,000 prize.

Season Highlights[edit]

  • The contestants were divided into male and female teams with trainers of the opposite sex.
  • Season 2 introduced immunity for the contestant who lost the most weight on the losing team.
  • Total percentage weight-loss was used to determine the winning team each week (as opposed to number of pounds lost used in Season 1).
  • In episode 7, the blue and red teams were disbanded, and four new teams of couples were formed. Three of the teams consisted of one man and one woman, and one team consisted of two men.
  • In episode 9, the teams of two were disbanded, and each contestant had to compete as an individual.


Contestant Team Status
Matt Hoover Red Team Biggest Loser
Seth Word Red Team Finalist
Suzy Preston Blue Team Finalist
Andrea Overstreet Blue Team Eliminated Week 11
Jeff Levine Red Team Eliminated Week 10
Shannon Mullen Blue Team Eliminated Week 9
Mark Yesitis Red Team Eliminated Week 8
Pete Thomas Red Team Eliminated Week 7
Jen Kersey Blue Team Eliminated Week 6
Suzanne Mendoca Blue Team Eliminated Week 5
Ryan Kelly Blue Team Eliminated Week 4
Nick Gata Red Team Eliminated Week 3
Kathryn Murphy Blue Team Eliminated Week 2
Ruben Hernandez Red Team Eliminated Week 1


Contestant Age Height Starting
Week Weight
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Finale
Matt 28 5'10" 48.6 26.1 339 311 304 300 290 279 279 262 254 266 240 230 182 157 46.31%
Seth 24 6'1" 38.4 22.2 291 270 262 258 250 243 233 233 232 219 211 204 168 123 42.27%
Suzy 28 5'4" 39.0 22.7 227 207 205 201 196 191 186 182 180 170 166 161 132 95 41.85%
Andrea 28 5'7" 34.5 22.7 220 209 204 202 198 193 191 185 184 179 176 173 145 75 34.09%
Jeff 43 6'1" 48.8 28.6 370 352 344 340 326 316 305 294 284 270 267 217 153 41.35%
Shannon 29 5'3" 45.5 26.4 257 242 240 236 229 221 218 212 208 200 149 108 42.02%
Mark 36 5'10" 51.4 27.7 358 335 325 318 308 291 287 273 271 193 165 46.09%
Pete 37 6'5" 47.6 25.6 401 379 371 367 350 338 325 318 216 185 46.13%
Jen 24 5'7" 40.6 26.8 267 248 244 244 234 224 221 176 91 34.08%
Suzanne 30 5'6" 37.0 22.9 229 213 209 206 199 191 142 87 37.99%
Ryan 26 5'7" 35.2 23.0 225 207 205 200 195 147 78 34.67%
Nick 40 5'9" 51.1 X 346 318 308 305 Did not attend
Kathryn 28 5'5" 36.1 33.4 217 202 201 201 16 7.37%
Ruben 37 6'3" 34.7 24.6 278 261 197 81 29.14%
     Member of Bob's team
     Member of Jillian's team
     Last person eliminated before finale
     $250,000 Winner (among the finalists)
     $100,000 Winner (among the eliminated contestants)
     Normal (18.5 - 24.9 BMI)
     Overweight (25 - 29.9 BMI)
     Obese Class I (30 - 34.9 BMI)
     Obese Class II (35 - 39.9 BMI)
     Obese Class III (greater than 40 BMI)

Weight Loss History[edit]

Contestant Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Finale
Matt -28 -7 -4 -10 -11 0 -17 -8 +12 -26 -10 -48
Seth -21 -8 -4 -8 -7 -10 0 -1 -13 -8 -7 -36
Suzy -20 -2 -4 -5 -5 -5 -4 -2 -10 -4 -5 -29
Andrea -11 -5 -2 -4 -5 -2 -6 -1 -5 -3 -3 -28
Jeff -18 -8 -4 -14 -10 -11 -11 -10 -14 -3 -50
Shannon -15 -2 -4 -7 -8 -3 -6 -4 -8 -51
Mark -23 -10 -7 -10 -17 -4 -14 -2 -78
Pete -22 -8 -4 -17 -12 -13 -7 -102
Jen -19 -4 0 -10 -10 -3 -42
Suzanne -16 -4 -3 -7 -8 -49
Ryan -18 -2 -5 -5 -48
Nick -28 -10 -3 X
Kathryn -15 -1 0
Ruben -17 -64

Percentage Loss History[edit]

Contestant Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Matt -8.26% -2.25% -1.32% -3.33% -3.79% 0.00% -6.09% -3.05% +4.72% -9.77% -4.17% -20.87%
Seth -7.22% -2.96% -1.53% -3.10% -2.80% -4.12% 0.00% -0.43% -5.60% -3.65% -3.32% -17.65%
Suzy -8.81% -0.97% -1.95% -2.49% -2.55% -2.62% -2.15% -1.10% -5.56% -2.35% -3.01% -18.01%
Andrea -5.00% -2.39% -0.98% -1.98% -2.52% -1.04% -3.14% -0.54% -2.72% -1.68% -1.70% -16.18%
Jeff -4.86% -2.27% -1.16% -4.12% -3.07% -3.48% -3.61% -3.40% -4.93% -1.11% -18.73%
Shannon -5.84% -0.83% -1.67% -2.97% -3.49% -1.36% -2.75% -1.89% -3.85% -25.50%
Mark -6.42% -2.99% -2.15% -3.14% -5.52% -1.37% -4.93% -0.75% -28.78%
Pete -5.49% -2.11% -1.08% -4.63% -3.43% -3.85% -2.15% -32.08%
Jen -7.12% -1.61% 0.00% -4.10% -4.27% -1.34% -19.00%
Suzanne -6.99% -1.88% -1.44% -3.40% -4.02% -25.65%
Ryan -8.00% -0.97% -2.44% -2.50% -24.62%
Nick -8.09% -3.14% -0.97% X
Kathryn -6.91% -0.50% 0.00%
Ruben -6.12% -24.52%

Total Overall Percentage of Weight Loss (Biggest Loser on Campus)[edit]

Bold denotes who has the overall highest percentage of weight loss as of that week

Contestant Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Matt -8.26% -10.32% -11.50% -14.45% -17.70% -17.70% -22.71% -25.07% -21.53% -29.20% -32.15%
Seth -7.22% -9.97% -11.34% -14.09% -16.49% -19.93% -19.93% -20.27% -24.74% -27.49% -29.90%
Suzy -8.81% -9.69% -11.45% -13.66% -15.86% -18.06% -19.82% -20.70% -25.11% -26.87% -29.07%
Andrea -5.00% -7.27% -8.18% -10.00% -12.27% -13.18% -15.91% -16.36% -18.64% -20.00% -21.36%
Jeff -4.86% -7.03% -8.11% -11.89% -14.59% -17.57% -20.54% -23.24% -27.03% -27.84%
Shannon -5.84% -6.61% -8.17% -10.89% -14.01% -15.18% -17.51% -19.07% -22.18%
Mark -6.42% -9.22% -11.17% -13.97% -18.72% -19.83% -23.74% -24.30%
Pete -5.49% -7.48% -8.48% -12.72% -15.71% -18.95% -20.70%
Jen -7.12% -8.61% -8.61% -12.36% -16.10% -17.23%
Suzanne -6.99% -8.73% -10.04% -13.10% -16.59%
Ryan -8.00% -8.89% -11.11% -13.33%
Nick -8.09% -10.98% -11.85%
Kathryn -6.91% -7.37%
Ruben -6.12%

Elimination Voting History[edit]

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Finale
Eliminated Ruben Kathryn Nick Ryan Suzanne Jen Pete Mark Shannon Jeff Andrea
Matt Ruben X Nick X X X Pete Mark Shannon Jeff Andrea Biggest Loser
Seth ? X Nick X X X Jeff Mark Shannon ? Andrea Finalist (X)
Suzy X Kathryn X Shannon Suzanne Jen Jeff Mark Shannon Jeff X Finalist (X)
Andrea X Kathryn X Shannon Suzanne Jen Pete X X X X Eliminated Week 11
Jeff Ruben X Seth X X X X Andrea Andrea X Eliminated Week 10
Shannon X Kathryn X Ryan Suzanne Jen Pete Mark X Eliminated Week 9
Mark Ruben X Nick X X X Pete X Eliminated Week 8
Pete ? X Nick X X X X Eliminated Week 7
Jen X ? X Ryan ? Andrea Eliminated Week 6
Suzanne X Kathryn X Ryan Shannon Eliminated Week 5
Ryan X ? X Shannon Eliminated Week 4
Nick Ruben X Seth Eliminated Week 3
Kathryn X Jen Eliminated Week 2
Ruben Jeff Eliminated Week 1
 X  Below yellow line, unable to vote
 X  Not in elimination, unable to vote
 ?  Vote not revealed
     Eliminated or not in house
     Valid vote cast


Week 1[edit]

Fourteen overweight contestants arrive at the ranch, they are weighed, measured, and divided into two teams, a Red Team and a Blue Team. The Red Team consists of all the men and is trained by Jillian, while the Blue Team consists of all the women and is trained by Bob.

The contestants' first challenge is in a nose diving airplane, their goal is to collect as many balls as they can before time runs out, while floating in a zero-gravity atmosphere. The Red Team wins 115-81; as a reward, the men get to hinder any member of the Blue Team with a 5-pound weight disadvantage. This player is ultimately Suzanne.

The men weigh-in and lose 157 pounds collectively, it comes down to Suzy, who must lose more than 19 pounds. She loses 20 pounds, and wins the weigh-in for the Blue Team. Season 2 introduces that the player on the losing team with the highest percentage of weight loss will have immunity. Matt is this player for the Red Team; the Red Team criticized Ruben for not working out as hard after losing the weigh-in; he is then voted off.

Week 2[edit]

The players face their first temptation. Contestants have 15 minutes. If they eat what's inside a food platter they can read the letter from home made for them. Despite Mark trying to get Shannon to participate, everyone resists.

The trainers say in the workout before the challenge that the week will focus on balance, speed, and agility; the challenge ultimately is walking across a big beam over water. The Blue Team sits out Kathryn due to an injured foot; the first team to get all of their members across first will win letters from home. The Blue Team win, with Dr. Jeff still on the beam. Jeff, despite the challenge being over, finishes his walk across. An emotional Blue Team opens the letters from home. Also, as a reward, the girls get an extra day to work out before the weigh-in.

At the weigh-in, the Red Team win with most of the men losing about 8 pounds, while the women had lower numbers. After their win, Jillian angrily confronts Nick for cooking a 2000 calorie steak. Andrea has the immunity for highest percentage weight loss on the losing team. Everyone except herself voted for Kathryn.

Week 3[edit]

The food is gone, and whenever the contestants want to eat, they must order out. Jillian comes into the gym and apologizes for "blowing up" after Matt says that the five members (all except Nick) need her more than anything; the trainers then teach the contestants how to order out in the real world.

The players face another temptation. Whoever drinks the most 40 calorie milkshakes will get free meals for the rest of the week, and get to choose one other person to have the same reward. Suzy is the only one who participates, drinking 48 milkshakes, she chooses Ryan to join her for the healthy free meals.

This week's challenge is to run on a moving train and bring medicine balls throughout the train; the men win and get phone calls home the next morning. Pete and Ryan nearly pass out and get taken to the hospital. Later that night, the two return to the ranch.

At the weigh-in, Ryan needs to lose 5 pounds to win and pulls through for her team with a 5-pound weight loss; the Red Team loses and is sent to the elimination room for the second time. The Red Team vote is a close one, with Nick and Jeff voting for Seth while Pete, Mark, and Seth vote for Nick. Matt casts the deciding vote to send Nick home with a 4-2 vote. After the vote Nick refuses to say goodbye to his teammates with a negative distant attitude and gives them the cold shoulder during his exit, causing Matt to feel less guilty about his decision to vote him off.

Week 4[edit]

This week the teams learn they are headed to Las Vegas, the 'ultimate city of temptation'. Both teams are excited yet nervous due the temptations of gambling and the food; the contestants enjoyed fine dining and some gambling; Matt lost out in Black Jack while Suzanne won $1600 on the slots.

For this week's temptation the Dealer offers the teams a chance to play for money with cards ranging from $1 to $5000; the catch was if the player chooses to play for the money, they must sacrifice training with their trainer until the next Weigh-in. Seth and Mark of the Red team chose to participate with their teammates' blessing and Matt taking the reins to train them. Shannon, Jen, and Suzanne of the Blue team chose to participate as well; each participant drew a card face down and flipped it over one by one. Seth won $1000, Mark won $2500, Shannon won $1000, Suzanne won $2500, and Jen won $1000. After the first round the Dealer made them a second offer - playing a game of high-low with a chance of doubling their money, but if they lose they still lose their trainer. Seth, Mark, and Jen chose to walk with their winnings while Shannon and Suzanne chose to take the offer. Shannon and Suzanne both guessed correctly and doubled their winnings (2k for Shannon and 5k for Suzanne). Both teams told their trainers the news and neither Bob nor Jillian were happy at all. On the Blue Team, a noticeable divide began to form between with the three members who sat out (Suzy, Andrea, and Ryan) against the three who participated (Shannon, Jen, and Suzanne).

At this week's challenge the teams learned each individual player must move gold bars that are equal to their individual weight from the water to a scale on the other side of the pool; the prize would be a chance to return to the casino once the remodel is fully complete in 2006 and they can bring a loved one. The winning team also chooses a member of the losing team to sit out the next weigh-in, without their weight counting towards their team's total percentage of weight loss. In a close competition the Red Team just edges out the Blue Team for the prize.

During the workouts Matt would be trained by Jillian, then use the same methods to train Mark and Seth. With their teammates training with Bob and leaving them behind, Jen, Shannon, and Suzanne trained with the guys under Matt's supervision.

The rift between the women was growing; the next morning Ryan and Suzanne have an argument over a comment Ryan made about having less teammates to train with her under Bob which greatly annoyed and hurt Suzanne. Shannon took offense to Ryan's comments that claimed Bob was happier without Shannon, Jen, and Suzanne (to which Bob denied) then told Shannon if she wants the drama she can keep it and he does not care. Shannon leaves while Bob stresses over how his Blue team was not a team at all due to the lack of unity and focus. Prior to the weigh-in, the Red Team showed great unity while the Blue Team clearly had no interest in cooperation.

At the weigh-in, the Red Team chose Jen to sit out of the team's total weight loss, which turned out to be a wise choice when Jen lost 10 lbs under Matt's training. Suzanne and Shannon each lost 7 lbs while Ryan, Suzy, and Andrea pull less than that each, with a total team weight loss of 28 lbs bringing them to -2.68%. The Red Team needed to lose 43 lbs to beat the Blue Team. Red Team lost 59 lbs with total a percentage of -3.73%.

Jen won immunity making her safe from elimination this week. At the Blue Team's elimination the rifts from earlier in the week resurfaced as the girls that sat out the Las Vegas temptation (Ryan, Suzy, and Andrea) voted for Shannon while the girls that participated in the temptation (Shannon, Jen, and Suzanne) voted for Ryan resulting in a 3-3 tie. Suzanne had the power to send Shannon home but instead chose to gamble after giving a short statement about some of her teammates (whom voted for Shannon) knowing a trick or two about manipulation and decided to roll the dice forcing a tie by siding with Jen and Shannon. By the rules of The Biggest Loser the Red Team had the power to send home any member of the Blue team except Jen. Mark stated the Red Team chose to send home one of the lighter women in the house that works very hard in the Gym, but is the center of conflict in the house which both teams have had enough of, thus the Red team chose to send Ryan home.

Week 5[edit]

After Ryan's elimination, Andrea and Suzy were visibly upset with the results. Suzanne offered her condolences to them but in reality she was pleased her plan to take Ryan out worked assuming Ryan to be the glue between Suzy and Andrea. Andrea and Suzy both saw through Suzanne's fake sympathy, knowing she was trying to manipulate the situation.

At the next temptation both teams are surprised to see their trainers on campus presenting them their temptation for the week - a pop quiz after a double cheese burger, onion rings, fries, and a shake were revealed to them, they had to figure out how many calories were on the tray food, coming to a united decision as a team, and for every calorie they were off with their estimate they had to do a stair on the stair master. The prize was a 1-day trip to Universal Studios to enjoy themselves and hit the rides without waiting in line; the women guess the total calorie count for the food to be 4,249 while the men guessed 2,950. The men won only missing the correct answer by 116 calories while the women were way off by 1415 calories, which meant 1415 stairs for the Blue Team and 116 for The Red Team. Had the Blue Team went with Shannon's answer of 2800 they would have won the temptation and only had to do 34 stairs; the Red Team enjoyed their day off.

To help motivate the Blue Team, Bob invited Andrea from Season 1's Blue team to give them a pep talk to help raise their spirits and regain focus.

This week's challenge required each team to search a warehouse full of fridges; some had tempting fatty foods while others had healthy sugar-free Jello. The first team to find all five fridges with Jello wins; the prize was videos from home. The girls finally came together and defeated the guys, winning the videos from home. Bob was thrilled to learn his team worked together and won.

During the weigh-in, the men lost 56 lbs collectively, giving a percentage loss of 3.74%. The women needed to lose 40 lbs to win but fall just short with 36 lbs, even with strong numbers from Shannon (8 lbs), Suzanne (8 lbs), and Jen (10 lbs), their total percentage weight loss was 3.41% making it the closest weigh-in in the last few weeks.

Suzanne tried to get the team together to decide the proper way to vote at the next elimination; whether to go with personalities or focus on who has been pulling the bigger numbers. Andrea quickly calls out Suzanne for her antics in the game and tells her she does not trust her since everything Suzanne had done has only been for her own personal gain. At the vote Suzanne opted to cast her vote for Shannon claiming had it not been for her, Shannon would have been sent home and felt Shannon owed her a favor but was not willing to return it. Andrea and Shannon voted to send Suzanne home based on wanting to keep the team strong and peaceful. Suzy cast the deciding vote to send Suzanne home, thus eliminating Suzanne with a 3-1 vote without revealing Jen's vote.

After Suzanne left, Caroline asked what happened. Shannon answered with that she chose to send Suzanne home due to Suzanne being known to fly off the handle and the team felt the need to bond more and Suzanne was more of a disruption of team unity.

Week 6[edit]

The day after Suzanne's elimination, Andrea felt her team took a risk with them keeping her. Jillian is concerned that since Mark has been working much harder in workouts, that he is not eating like he should be.

Next, there is a temptation; the contestants come into a room with a sign that says, "Ignore your diet just for today, you have a one in three chance to play, there is a $2300 prize for you at stake, all you have to do is eat this slice of cake." After everybody resists, a note gets slipped under the door saying, "Because none of you have given in, we're going to give you one more chance to win, removing the middle box is all you have to do to increase your chances to one in two." Still none of the contestants give in to the temptation. They go into a room and find Bob on a game-boy bike, he then tells them had they competed in the temptation, they would have won it. Jen was having a hard time on her team and associates with Mark, though they can't associate with members of the opposite team.

The trainers say the challenge will be a physical challenge that will be uphill. At the challenge, Caroline says that only one person from each team will represent them, and the winner would split $5000 with their team and choose member of the other team to sit out of the next weigh-in; the first person to climb up and down a huge flight of stairs 10 times (2280 steps) would win, but the teams would choose who was playing on the other team. The men pick Andrea for the girls and the girls pick Mark for the men. Andrea wins the challenge for her team.

At the weigh-in, the Blue Team decide to sit out Seth; the Blue Team loses a total of 13 pounds (1.57%). Matt storms out of the weigh-in after losing no weight; the Red Team needs to lose more than 19 pounds to win the weigh-in, and loses 28 pounds (2.29%).

The next day, Jillian confronts Matt about his diet in the past week, and how he would binge eat in the middle of the night.

At elimination, Jen voted to send Andrea home, but the other members voted to send Jen home, so Jen was eliminated. Before Jen left, she told the team that the guys were not out to get them. After Jen leaves, Caroline tells the remaining girls that she does not want to see them there next week.

Week 7[edit]

The week starts with the Red Team waiting to see who got eliminated. Once they found out it was Jen, all of them storm out of the room. Mark feels the girls are eliminating the wrong people and cusses them out thinking it was just a popularity contest. Shannon does not feel comfortable living in the house because of what Mark said to her.

Everyone goes into the elimination room with Caroline, who tells them that the teams are dissolved and they would be split into duos (3 male female duos, one male duo). Whichever duo loses the lowest percentage of weight would be up for elimination. Caroline asks Mark what all the tension in the house was about, he then goes on to tell her that he deals with "dirtbags" at his job and didn't feel like dealing with them, and it made him sick to think he would be paired with one; the girls start crying, saying they feel disgusted by what was said. Caroline tells everyone that now was an opportunity to see the best in each other, she tells them one person would be picking the teams in a temptation.

Everyone goes into a room with trays and a note that says, "choose wisely, only one gives you the power, the others are full of calories". Everyone except Shannon and Jeff participate. Seth gets 2 donuts, Suzy gets Twinkies, Andrea gets a hot dog, Matt gets carrot sticks, Mark gets a mini pizza, and Pete gets the power to choose. Pete pairs Shannon and Matt, Andrea and Mark, Seth and Suzy, and Jeff with himself. Everyone seems satisfied with their teams The trainers were surprised to find the new duos, and decide to work with everyone and not just their teams.

This week's challenge took place at a beach, and one member of the duo would go to the ocean and fill a bucket of water and put it in any competitor's bucket, the other would hold it. All the girls and Jeff filled buckets, the others held them; the winning duo would get surfing lessons in Hawaii, and immunity. Pete was the first to let go, them Mark, Matt, and Seth wins it for him and Suzy. Matt later finds out his uncle had passed away.

At the weigh-in, Andrea and Mark lose 20 pounds (4.18%). Shannon and Matt lose 23 pounds (4.63%). Pete and Jeff lose 18 pounds (2.86%) and lose the weigh-in. Jeff felt he should go home because he felt he had reached a lot of his goals, and that Pete could have chosen anyone to be his duo, but chose him. At elimination, Caroline is surprised when everyone expresses how much they like their duos and how they have bonded. Matt and Shannon vote for Pete, Seth and Suzy vote for Jeff, so Mark and Andrea cast the final vote to eliminate Pete.

Week 8[edit]

Jeff is disappointed when the house voted to keep him there and Pete went home; the players walk outside to find a container that says, "dig in to find your temptation". They all dig in to find a note that says, "congratulations, you all get makeovers from the Christophe salon in Beverly Hills". All the contestants got makeovers, a new outfit, and a photo shoot; the women were featured in Prevention Magazine.

At the challenge, each duo had to ride a bike up a hill. Behind the bikes was a member of everyone's family (Matt's dad, Suzy's sister, Seth's wife, Jeff's daughter, Shannon's daughter, Mark's wife, and Andrea's husband); the winning duo won immunity and got to spend the evening with their family member. Seth and Suzy won.

At the weigh-in, Jeff lost 10 pounds (3.40%). Shannon and Matt lost 12 pounds (2.53%). Andrea and Mark lost 3 pounds (0.66%) pushing them below the yellow line.

At elimination, Jeff votes for Andrea, Seth and Suzy vote for Mark, and Matt and Shannon cast the deciding vote to eliminate Mark. Matt gets emotional when voting for Mark because he thought it would ruin their friendship. Matt wrote a letter to Mark saying how sorry he was, and at the end of the episode, Mark forgives him.

After the show[edit]

Matt and Suzy later appeared on season three of The Biggest Loser in America, and also flew to Australia, along with Seth, to make an appearance on the first season of the Australian version of the show.

Did They Keep the Weight Off?[edit]

Prior to the start of season four, a special episode was shown revisiting past contestants to see if they kept the weight off. Only Pete was weighed, but Matt and Suzy appeared in a video clip. Matt and Suzy are now married and have two children.[2]

Although, like everyone else featured except Season One's Andrea, most had gained weight since his finale; Pete was the only one to take his shirt off to show that he had kept up his muscular tone. Weighing in at 241 pounds, he had gained 25 pounds since the end of Season Two.[3]

NBC has announced that there will be another "Did They Keep The Weight Off" special, which will feature more than 40 Contestants from all 7 seasons so far; those confirmed to appear in the episode include: Finalists Matt and Suzy, and eliminated contestants Jeff and Pete. There may be more, however these have been the only ones to be confirmed to appear.[4]


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