The Birds of Satan

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The Birds of Satan
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Genres Hard rock,[1][2] progressive rock,[3] alternative rock,[1] power pop[2]
Years active March 2014-present
Labels Shanabelle Records, Kobalt
Associated acts Chevy Metal, Foo Fighters, My Ruin, Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders, Jane's Addiction
Website Official website
Members Taylor Hawkins
Wiley Hodgden
Mick Murphy

The Birds of Satan are an American progressive/hard rock group, assembled in the spring of 2014 as a side-project led by Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters. The band is also composed of members Wiley Hodgden and Mick Murphy who previously played with Hawkins in the cover band Chevy Metal.[4]


The Birds of Satan formed as an evolution of former cover band Chevy Metal. According to Hawkins:

" was kind of a deliberate move, I suppose. It was basically… I had this cover band called Chevy Metal and I just didn’t have a lot of time and I wanted to make a record. I had been kind of fucking around with songs, and I had another band called the Coattail Riders but those guys have all kind of moved on, and not everybody is available at times. I really only had a week to put down this record and I wanted to do it really quickly. So I had been playing with these guys – with Wiley [Hodgden], the bass player for years, and Mick [Murphy] the guitar player – and it was easy. I just said, “You want to help me make a record?” and they were like, “Yeah. Fuck yea.” So we did it really quick, and Dave Grohl came for a couple songs, Pat Smear came in on a song. It was all just us having some fun with friends in the studio." [5]

The band's self-titled debut album was released on April 15, 2014 and pays tribute to seventies bands such as Queen, David Bowie, Wings, Alice Cooper, Van Halen, and Aerosmith.[6] Fellow Foo Fighters band members Dave Grohl, Rami Jaffee, and Pat Smear are featured on the album alongside the band,[4] while Hawkins' school friend and Yes vocalist Jon Davison also appears. Prior to the album's release, the band released a promotional single titled, "Thanks for the Line."[6]


  • The Birds of Satan (15 April 2014)

Track listing[edit]

1."The Ballad of the Birds of Satan [Grohl/Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy]"9:31
2."Thanks for the Line [Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy]"3:40
3."Pieces of the Puzzle [Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy]"4:45
4."Raspberries [Davison/Grohl/Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Jaffee/Lousteau/Murphy]"4:08
5."Nothing at All [Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy]"2:57
6."Wait Til Tomorrow [Grohl/Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy]"3:13
7."Too Far Gone to See [Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Smear]"5:45
Total length:33:59


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