The Buzz (talk show)

The Buzz, stylized as The Buzz 15, known as Buzz Ng Bayan, is a weekly entertainment news and talk show in the Philippines. It premiered on June 13, 1999, was the second longest-running weekly entertainment news and talk show in Philippine television after GMA Network's Startalk, it featured news. The Buzz viewers were surprised when the show got cancelled with its official final episode on April 5, 2015, in order to give way for Kapamilya Blockbusters since April 12, 2015; the Buzz premiered on June 13, 1999, as it replaced the popular Sunday afternoon Showbiz-oriented talk show Showbiz Lingo, was hosted by Boy Abunda. The show's original format was similar to ABS-CBN's The Correspondents were Abunda interacts with a group of showbiz field reporters dishing out the latest showbiz news. Showbiz columnist Ricky Lo and John Lapus were the first co-hosts of the show, along with Tim Yap and Dolly Anne Carvajal as reporters; the format was on discarded when the network took in Kris Aquino during the show's second season on January 9, 2000.

Aquino's inclusion in the show served as a reunion of sorts between her and Abunda, when they used to host Startalk on GMA Network. The show became an interesting gabfest with Aquino and Abunda dishing out the latest exclusives with the help of its reliable staff. Actress and model Angelica Jones and columnist Pat-P Daza-Planas were introduced as the new segment presenters after the departure of Yap and Carvajal from the show. Jones left the show a year and was replaced by reporter and blogger JV Villar in 2002, but left after a few months; this was the same year where Pat-P decided to leave due to commitments with her family and pursuing other ventures. In 2003, the duo welcomed Cristy Fermin as an additional host, who used to headline the network's Saturday talk show S2: Showbiz Sabado and its predecessor Showbiz Lingo, her opinions and commentaries made the show more noticeable. This was the same year where one of its original hosts, Lo, left to transfer to GMA Network. Phoemela Barranda, working at ABS-CBN's flagship newscast TV Patrol World as the anchor of Star Patrol, joined the show to headline the teasers before it starts in 2004.

In 2005, one of its pioneer hosts, left the show after his contract in ABS-CBN expired and was given a hosting stint to GMA's S-Files. The show welcomed actress Anne Curtis to host the new segment Wanna Buzz, but was discarded a year into Pinoy Big Brother Buzz, where she was joined by gossip reporter AJ Dee and comedians Chokoleit and Pokwang, but it did not do well, so the network decided to shelve the segment. Jobert Sucaldito served as the replacement of Lapus in 2006; this year presented Buzz Express, wherein other showbiz-related news were presented within a time span of 1–2 minutes. It was voice-overed by Eric John Salut, both staff of the show. On March 11, 2007, Ruffa Gutierrez became the temporary replacement for Aquino who left the show to focus on her pregnancy and her family. Dawn Zulueta served as a guest co-host when Ruffa Gutierrez went to the United States for a two-week vacation; when Gutierrez returned in June 2007, the network offered her a permanent co-hosting job in the show.

In October 15, 2008, Cristy Fermin was suspended by the network after she rattled off a series of accusations against former actress Nadia Montenegro in an episode aired on October 5, 2008. According to a statement released by the network, "It was deemed that Ms. Fermin did not conduct herself with due regard to social conventions and public morals, her statements went beyond the bounds of decency as they involved innocent children who were not party to their personal dispute. Ms. Fermin's statements violated the highest standards of professionalism and journalistic integrity; the act committed by Ms. Fermin brought her and The Buzz to public disrepute, jeopardizing the name and goodwill of both the show and the network." On October 19, 2008, Ai-Ai de las Alas served as a substitute host for Cristy Fermin, suspended by the network for two months, until Aquino returned to the show on October 26, 2008. In 2010, Ruffa Gutierrez left the show after signing an exclusive contract to TV5. KC Concepcion replaced her on April 11.

In 2010, Aquino left the show after being an on-and-off host of the show for ten years. She decided to leave the show for the reason of that she wanted to spend time with her family and for her not to cause any trouble while her brother, Benigno S. Aquino III, is still in office as the President of the Philippines. Sucaldito, on the show for 4 years, decided to left to concentrate on radio broadcasting and his columnist job in Bulgar. After Aquino's departure, Charlene Gonzales and Toni Gonzaga replaced her as hosts In 2010. On January 8, 2012, KC Concepcion left the show. On October 13, 2013, Gonzaga and Gonzales bid farewell to the show. With the two hosts departure, Abunda hinted. Abunda said, "Sa inyong walang patid na pagsubaybay, sa inyong walang sawang pagsuporta at sa patuloy naming pagbibigay serbisyo, kasama kayo sa isang panibagong simula. Kasali kayo sa pagbubukas ng isang mas malaki. Pakikinggan, paguusapan at pakikialaman. Ito ang pagbabagong kakapitan, pagbabagong tatatak sa puso at isipan.

Ito ang inyong The Buzz." On October 20, 2013, The Buzz format was discontinued and was reformatted into an interactive entertainment talk-show called Buzz ng Bayan. With the reformat, together with Boy Abunda, Carmina Villaroel and

The Last Man on Earth (2011 film)

The Last Man on Earth is a 2011 Italian science fiction drama film directed by Gian Alfonso Pacinotti. Its original Italian title is L'ultimo terrestre, which means "The last earthling"; the story follows a man with relational problems. The film premiered in competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival. Gabriele Spinelli as Luca Bertacci Anna Bellato as Anna Luini Luca Marinelli as Roberta Teco Celio as Giuseppe Geri Stefano Scherini as the American Roberto Herlitzka as Luca's father Paolo Mazzarelli as Walter Rasini Sara Rosa Losilla as alien Vincenzo Illiano as Gabriele Del Genovese Ermanna Montanari as Carmen Leonardo Taddei as Customer Fandango produced the film in collaboration with Rai Cinema and the Toscana Film Commission; the production involved a budget of 2.3 million euro. Filming took place in Tuscany during five weeks. To market the film, a viral video was released on the Internet where the real RAI newsreader Maria Cuffaro announces that extraterrestrials have arrived on Earth.

The film premiered on 8 September 2011 in competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival. Italian distribution is handled by Fandango, the regular release is set to 9 September; the film has been released on DVD and Blu-ray in Italy on 17 January 2012. Official website The Last Man on Earth on IMDb

Jakob Björck

Jakob Björck was a Swedish portrait painter and copyist. In the early stages of his career, Björck is reported to have been a pupil of Johan Henrik Scheffel, however this is uncertain, he worked in the studio of pastel painter Gustav Lundberg between 1750 and 1774. In 1774, Björck married Cicilia Gren. Oil copies of Lundberg's pastels are attributed to Björck, despite several other assistants being employed in the studio at the time: Per Cogell, Adolf Hall, Jonas Forsslund and a pastel painter named Pettersson. In addition, Lundberg had so many orders at times that he delegated the copy orders to other artists - Johan Henrik Scheffel and Fredrik Brander. Moreover, it seems that Ulrika Pasch, Olof Arenius, the court miniaturist John George Henrichsen as well as Niklas Lafrensen the Elder all had access to Lundberg's originals, it was well known at the time that pastel paintings are sensitive to light and touch, wherefore it was common to order oil copies from the outset. An example of this can be seen in the Swedish Count Carl Gustaf Tessin's diary, into which he had copied the following receipt from Lundberg: Un portrait original en pastel de Son Excellence Monseigneur le Comte de Tessin avec cadre et glace Dlr cuivre 1.300 Un dito de Madame La Comtesse de Tessin 1.300 Deux copies en huile du Portrait de son Excellence à 200 d 400 Deux cadres pour les dites copies 300 Translated from French: One original portrait in pastel of His Excellence my Lord the Count of Tessin with frame and glass copper: 1,300 talers One ditto of Madame the Countess of Tessin: 1,300 Two copies in oil of the Portrait of His Excellence, at 200 talers each: 400 Two frames for the aforesaid copies: 300 The portraits being referred to are one of Tessin in a riksrådsdräkt and one of his wife Ulrika Lovisa in a yellow dress and a black lace mantilla.

Of the former there are ten copies registered in Svenska Porträttarkivet, all of which are attributed to Björck. Björck made pastel copies, but there are no known works which could with certainty be attributed to him. Upon the end of his employment at the studio, Lundberg thanked him with a small cabinet of pastel sticks and a copper plate collection as recognition for "24 years of faithful service". Björck had since 1774 an own production, where he copied the works of others, such as one of Jean-Baptiste Oudrys door lintels in the Royal Palace, Hunting dog with two grouse, which he signed Iacob Björck px on stent, he was able to paint King Gustav III and the Life Guards uniform with revolutionaries armband and in Swedish costume, both in the magnificent royal frames. In general, assumes that he copied from the now lost or destroyed works by Lundberg. Björck had the title HofCopist Lundberg's instigation in order to avoid problems with painting the office, his own style is rough compared to Lundberg's easy elegance.

This is evident from the portraits of King Gustav III and Adolf Ludvig Stierneld below in the gallery. In time, his production purely handcrafted and copies after the many stereotypical portraits of Lundberg's last days are dry and lifeless; the portraits of Gustavus Gyllenborg, his wife Petronella Hultman and the copy of Lundberg's self-portraits in the below gallery can be seen as an example this. Björck copies of Lundberg's portraits during the 2000s the first decade sold for anything from 20,000 to 180,000 SEK depending not least on the frame. Gold plated and richly carved frames are more appreciated than their content. Child and damporträtt valued higher than men's portraits. "Jakob Björck". Nordisk familjebok. 1878 – via Project Runeberg. Herman Hofberg. "Jakob Björck". Svenskt Biografiskt handlexikon – via Project Runeberg. Oscar Levertin.