The Case Against the Fed

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The Case Against the Fed
AuthorMurray N. Rothbard
CountryUnited States
SubjectMoney, Banking
PublisherLudwig von Mises Institute
Publication date
September 4, 2007
Media typePaperback
332.1/1/0973 21
LC ClassHG2565 .R67 1994

The Case Against the Fed is a 1994 book by Murray N. Rothbard taking a critical look at the United States Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, and central banks in general.[1] It details the history of fractional reserve banking and the influence that bankers have had on monetary policy over the last few centuries.[2]

Rothbard argues that the claim that the Federal Reserve is designed to fight inflation is sophistry, that price inflation is caused only by an increase in the money supply, and that since only banks increase the money supply, then banks, including the Federal Reserve, are the only source of inflation, he writes:

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